• DC has no idea how bad it can get as a border town... they hardly see millions of displaced illegal aliens on their streets or their public facilities...  Hoover Ville will look like a family picnic if Florida and Texas do what they must and ship every detained illegal immigrant to DC for processing and deportation. 

    The states have a DUTY under Article 4, Section 4, and Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 to defend their borders.  The governors need to declare a state of emergency and send draft Articles of War to Congress, citing the primary enemy supporting the invasion as MEXICO. Mexico must either cease support of the invasion or face serious reparations.  We must close the border, cut off all economic activity, and solicit our neighbors and allies to do the same.  There is nothing that prohibits the States from petitioning Congress for the Declaration of War... nor their demanding an Article 5 convention to consider Amendments to reign in a rogue federal government.

    The United States of America is being invaded… using Asymmetrical Warfare, and illegal mass migration. A default state of war exists and DC is either treasonous in its response, or asleep.  Adding and abetting the invasion MUST STOP... It is treason.  If Congress and the Administration will not defend our borders, those agents in government who refuses to do so must be classified as traitors and eventually tried and hung.

    It is time for the RED STATE GOVERNORS to endorse a unified policy to deal with the invasion on our Southern Border... It is past time that the Red States engage effective NULLIFICATION LEGISLATION that requires their state law enforcement agents to immediately SEND EVERY DETAINED ILLEGAL ALIEN, found in their State, TO DC... and nowhere else.  If the DOJ attempts to make such laws criminal. Inform every Federal agent that attempts to enforce the illegal orders of their President will be arrested and incarcerated for treason, aiding and abetting an invasion, obstruction of justice, and interfering with state law enforcement.   

    It is time to inform the Border Patrol AGENTS they must refuse to obey the illegal orders of the President... and if they do they will eventually go to jail... There is no excuse for them to facilitate unlawful entry and the invasion of America.  It is time the Border Patrol and all federal agents live up to their oaths of office or expect to be locked up... Give them a hearing as soon as the borders are secure.

    We are at war... and the RED STATE GOVERNORS need to call for a convention to declare war on the cartels and criminals crossing our borders illegally... since all illegal aliens become fugitives of justice the minute they trespass on private or state property in the US... Arrest them and ship them to their EMBASSY in Washington, DC for their deportation as criminal aliens. These indigent illegal aliens are criminals and our Statutory Law specifically prohibits their remaining in the USA.... enforce the law. Deport them as beligerant criminals.  Inform the Federal Authorities that arrest warrants for aiding and abetting TREASON, obstruction of justice, and a host of other crimes will await any federal agent involved in supporting the invasion and illegal alien trafficking... 

    Executive orders and Regulatory policy that violates the laws of the US are not legally enforceable... It is time the Border Patrol and others understand they are violating our laws and aiding an invasion of our nation. They need to understand it will not end well for them.... prosecutions will follow.. for federal agents interfering with a state official who is processing the removal of illegal aliens for shipment to the Federal Government OR THEIR EMBASSY IN DC... for deportation... at the expense of the alien's embassy.

    It is time the Public inform their law enforcement agents that they expect them to obey the law … that Executive Orders and Regulatory policy which violates the underlying law are illegal orders and policy. They need to know that obeying such orders and regulatory policy is a criminal act. They need to understand it will not end well for them.  That includes the judges who decide that the law needed to be rewritten from the bench... or by the Administrative State... instead of Congress.  Our laws don't... DO NOT permit open border policy ... every federal agent now involved should know this and go on strike until it is corrected...OR LOOK FOR AN EVENTUAL RECKONING THEY WILL NOT LIKE. 

    • I only have one question.  How do we get from here to there?  De Santis seems like the only governor likely to consider such an option.  Do we think he might try to coordinate such comprehensive action across the red state governors with a degree of high visibility?

    • P/S... 

      The notable neglect of the various State Governors and Legislatures suggests they are Treasonous... part of the problem not the soulution. We must let them know that we will hold them accountable for their compliance or inaction ...

      The Governors of the RED STATES know better ... they know that there is an invasion ... however, they are looking to feather their own nest and to go along to get along as they know a shooting confrontation could result from their hardcore enforcement of the constitution... however, capitulation is not acceptable and they must find a way to defend theire borders peacefully... organize massive labor shutdowns and passive-aggressive sit-ins and demonstrations that peacefully disrupt the federal government... go after the federal agents that suppor this CRAP.. but them n jail and go after more... soon enough they will organize and start enforcing the laws...  

      There appears to be a problem with State Government ... most are dormant houses of putrified waste... more political l hacks than leaders.

  • You want open borders . As long as your city your state is not having to Deal with these people. Now with Sleepy Joe,  Venezuela has just about emptied out jails and prisons into America.  Murders ,  drug Dealers,  And top it off Governor Abbott  and the DPS caught a Cannibal from Venezuela.  How long does the American people have to put up with this crap???

    • Until Abbott and the other red state governors grow a pair of balls


    Washington DC is NOW a border town. How do they like it?


  • HA, she doesn't "think"DC is a border town?? Well it is now!!

  • What a lying boob.

  • GOP Getting Ready for Multiple Investigations and Hearings in 2023…More than Just Hunter!

    The Democrats sure have enjoyed the power they have right now in holding political hearings over issues they hope will build their platform in the November midterm elections.

    But the GOP is still likely to prevail and take over the House again. They might still be limited on what they can do legislatively, but they are gearing up for some major inquiries.

    There will likely be hearings on the chaos at the border, the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, the baby formula fiasco, and more. 

    President Joe Biden’s last two years will be filled with agonizing investigations. And Hunter Biden is going to be top on the list. By the time the 2024 election happens, the Democratic Party may be down and out.

    GOP lawmakers are already getting ready to decide which committee will get to investigate which issue next year. Talks are happening with Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other conference leaders.

    “I’ve been really impressed with leadership — both from [Rep.] Jim [Jordan], from [Rep.] Jamie Comer, from Kevin’s office — in already starting to talk about that,” said Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-N.D.).

    As Republicans plan for 2023, they are seeing executive oversight as a major portion of their agenda. These investigations will give the House leaders in the GOP some high-profile opportunities to render subpoenas and ask tough questions to officials in the Biden camp. They are set on holding the Biden White House accountable.

    Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) said recently in an interview that the GOP is going to nail down a timeline for each investigation and they have already taken the first steps like document preservation requests. They see the big challenge as winnowing down the list of things they would like to investigate

    “It’s not something where we’re having to drum up, ‘OK, what are we going to do?’ It’s more of a limiting factor of, we only have 50 weeks a year,” said Rep. Michael Cloud (R-Texas).

    Mark Stevens, Author at Patriot Newsfeed
    • Really… more investigations.   that ought to work?

       Just look at the record of such INVESTIGATIONS… Let’s see, there is Durham and Russia Gate… noting there... Nothing, but 3yrs of funding. Oh, let’s not forget the investigation into Hillary’sl server and the Clinton foundation's pay-to-play schemes… don't forget the missing Uranium, and then there is the government gun-running 'Fast and furious' non-inveetigation… investigation, that worked?  Has anyone THE GOP investigated gone to jail?  A few, very few have that the democrats investigated, but the GOP has a perfect record of Zero indictments or jail time.  Has the GOP managed to get the Democrats to significantly modify or change any of their government policy because of investigations? 

      Great… let’s appoint several BLUE RIBBON COMMITTEES and start the Investigation CIRCUS all over again… Only this time, the ringmaster will be Mitch or McCarthy… Oh boy… Boys and Girls direct your attention to the center ring… for your pleasure… the McConnell Circus has brought back the Dancing Bears direct from their latest appearance in the Biden family series of escapades… no re-runs here, just first-rate Kabuki theater.  Hurry, hurry step right up get a front-row seat… the circus is about to begin.

      Give me a break … hearings are nothing but political circuses… legislation, and Impeachments of men like Wray and Garland would be a much better way to attempt to get the Democrat Party to cooperate.  How about wall-to-wall Impeachment hearings and trials… that could work… maybe?  We are dealing with some hard-core Marxists and they don’t budge… they get ugly… like real arrests, trials, and prison for their enemies.

      This is beginning to look like the Roman era … where the Senate promoted the Gladiatorial CIRCUS to entertain the public, while they looted and burnt down the Empire.  All we need now are a few Christians, some Lions, and voila… The Circus is on. , Has anyone seen Nero lately? I hear he was looking for some matches. 

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