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  • "Is she nuts" Yes and has been for quite some time.  Waters needs to be removed from Congress and probably the entire USA (oh how I wish there was a way!).

  • pelosi's brain has completely frozen from all her ice cream. What a disgusting broad

    • Janet E Christian I must respectively disagree with you.  Pelosi has enough alcohol stored that she could go to sleep on a North Pole iceberg and nothing would freeze.

  • The house of reps is FULL of VERMIN and NEEDS immediate FUMIGATION, PERIOD!

  • Pelosi is experiencing her own form of dementia. Too much botox and booze

  • polosi is as worthless as mad maxine is....the whole democrapic party is worthless.....

  • Nutty Nancy.... I'd like to invite her and all of her cronies on a 60 mile albacore fishing trip off of Fort Bragg this Summer..! Anybody want to crew..?

  • Of course, Pelosi would say that, all Communist Comrades stick together. PIGS, both!!

  • Pelousy is a idiot both of them need to be tried for Treason!!

  • PELOSI is earmarked for VP after Biden fails his official Dementia memory test.

    They are all Communisits......KABALA (NOT Kamella) Harris.

    We should try to file a class action r/e failure to protect and defend against ALL enemies FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC

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