• Time to boycott all professional games, people want to go and see a game not to political views. Once sports was for the people not the government.

    • Correct, Loenzo!


    • AGREE

  • Welcome to the land of the Nazi government.  How about boycott any event that has the same requirements.

  • The simple solution is to never go to an MLB game.  Just like the NFL and NBA, MLB has totally sold out to those trying to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

    • Don't forget the Girls Volleyball team!


    • Amen!! I like logic and simplicity!

      NYC is being reduced to a rotting carcass by leftist loons. 

  • COVID has brought out all the 'loonys' and unfortunately they have a great propensity toward lies and guessing when they don't know? Freaks, all; just freaks.

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