Hydroxychloroquine Lies

When all the hype about hydroxy came into the limelight, I did something too many times we don't do.  I researched it!  I use "duck, duck, go' as my search engine which is a free flowing source of information instead of google, which pushes an agenda.  Chloroquine and Hydrogychloroquine are two different compounds.  Chloroquine will cause heart complications for some people, that is why they created Hydroxychloroquine some 40 or 50 years ago, as it does not create problems with the heart.  I have noticed even Dr. Fauci referring to chloroquine when he is touting the problems with the heart.  That is misleading, and I am sure he is well aware of what he is doing.  You can not use the names interchangeably as they are two different compounds entirely with different results. It sickens me that the medical gurus are playing politics with this medication. Then to add insult to injury, the gurus touted a study in which patients were overdosed having lethal effects as if it were the necessary dose.  There are too many countries, that we would refer to as third world as they are not as sophisticated as we presume to be, that are treating patients successfully with hydroxy.  I hope this whole thing is brought to light and the people involved in the sham are disciplined in some way. They have threatened doctors that prescribe hydroxy with losing their license, so it is only right that they should have the same concequence for lying about it.


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