• He's one great man

  • Good for him. I hope he watches his back from now on.

  • 3 CHEERS!!! Here's the deal: this is not and never has been atout racism or oppression. BLM doesn't give a rip about George Floyd or any of the other "victims" they parade before us. It's about the revolutionary agenda to dismantle and overturn our government. I do believe that come November, assuming ballots are counted correctly, BLM and the Democrat Party will find out just how far out of touch with the American people they are.

  • That man is correct. Today's America is freer and better than it has ever been thanks to President Trump. Just compare today's America with the America on January 19th, 2017, the last day of chaos, fiscal irresponsibility, curtailed freedom for real Americans.

  • He needs to run for Congress, I'd vote for him.

  • Many of us have had some great Black friends and still do. That is the reason I am so offended that they call all of us racists. They should point the finger back at themselves. 

  • Thank you TX_Bruce for posting this video. This guy is great, he reminds me of the black guys I went to school with. He's an American first.

  • I'm proud to call this man; a REAL American!

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