It happened again. Cortney wrote about it yesterday. Joe Biden called it a day before 10 AM. Less than 45 days from Election Day, with a Supreme Court fight about to break out on the Hill—and Joe is too tired to…campaign. Seriously? What’s going on here? This isn’t the first time the Biden team has called a lid super early.

If anything, this is a time when Joe should be out there talking about SCOTUS and of all things, paying his respects to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Democratic base isn’t enthused by him. This is an issue that could gin up support. Look, I’m not complaining. Keep the bunker mentality going, Joe. Battleground states are only trending more towards Trump.

Yet, there could be another reason. The liberal media, which acted as the Biden rapid response team, says he’s doing debate preparation. Yes, the first debate is next Tuesday, but I think we’re forgetting the disastrous interview Joe recently had with Axios. Yeah, Hunter Biden was brought up by Mike Allen, the site’s co-founder. Joe didn’t handle it well.


He also lied and repeated the claim that he didn’t know what his son was up to regarding his shady business dealings. We also have new reports that $3.5 million was wired to him from the ex-wife of the mayor of Moscow. Oh, and might have paid for Eastern European hookers who were part of a human trafficking ring. That’s uh, a lot of problematic developments in the final stages of a campaign and before a critical debate. read more here:

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  • He and his schedule mean nothing.  He's a place keeper for the UN, Gates, Soros and the NWO!  That's it. He only has to live long enough for that.

  • The bar is so low for sleepy all he has to do is crawl onto the debate stage and the dims will say how wonderfully he performed. 

  • After President Trump beats the shit out of booden it will be time to bring all the democratic traitors to justice and put booden and his rotten spawn in prison. 

  • Biden could cash it in any day... he is not physically fit to run for office.  A vote for Joe Biden is a vote to make Kamala Harris President.

    • You mean Commie Harris from the last Soviet Socialist State of California. I've noticed that before. And when Kamala would move to be President, Pelosi would move to be her VP ... OMG!!!


  • Biden could do or say anything.  The Left will always support him because they don't really care what he says or does. He's their Trojan Horse and irrelevent to anything/everything else in their agenda.

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