• Maybe he should be called "bull" DURHAM....

  • I don't expect to see anything come from this because the gop establishment is just as corrupt as the devildemocommiecrats and can't expose them without getting caught in the splashback against corruption!!!!!  Look at how Madison Cawthorn is being pilioried by mccarthy for expoosing the cocaine orgies he has witnessed!!!!!!!!!!

    • They all need to tell us about anything remotely like that.  We need every GOP member of congress -- and Trump -- to be educating the electorate about The Great Reset/New World Order, what it means and who's behind it.  If they don't know these things they don't belong in the office.  If they do know and won't tell their electorate about it, they need to be gone.

      McCarthy is just another Boehner/Ryan "reset" asset.  The GOP in the RNC and state committees won't ever permit a conservative constitutionalist to fill that slot.

  • Diane,  correct do not hold your breath!  And if I were Durham I would keep a real close eye on my Back!! When you mess with the Clinton's people have a way of dieing prematurely!!

    • Give me a break... Durham is part of the problem, not the solution... this man has the goods on many of the corrupt political class and is done little to nothing to bring the corrupt to justice since he was appointed to that task over 2yrs ago,  Just how long does it take to charge Hillary for several serious national security violations? The use of her private server to conduct classified state department business is a very serious felony. The number of criminal charges resulting from operating a personal server with classified information on it is enough to put her away for life.  Prosecuting her for the remainder of her crimes would be overkill. Instead, it appears Durham is stalling to run out the statute of limitations on her crimes, and or. looking for her to die of natural causes.

      DURHAM is no 'Alter Boy' and he certainly is in the mix of corruption that makes up the deep state.  We will all see the Great Day of the Lord before Durham prosecutes anyone of significant power.  Hillary is definitely keeping close tabs on Durham and probably has enough trash on him to put him away for life... 

  • I'm not holding my breath waiting for anything to happen to any of the Biden cartel. The swamp protects its own.

  • We continue to look at the wizard and not the man behind the curtains.  Why do we keep putting our focus on "what the Democrats are doing"?  We can't change them!  We need to put the focus solely on what the GOP is doing and what they are not doing!  That is what we can change.  Putting our focus on those things we can't change only leads to A) no solutions and B) despair and depression.  Let's change our focus.

  • I am sick and tired of reading of Durham's so-called findings but not a single indictment. It seems he is simply feeding on the taxpayers and it needs to come to fruition or stop supporting him.

    • Ditto...another Establishment-designed stall, another red herring to keep us "tuned".  We need to sweep out congress and renovate the bureaucracies. To do that, we need a fighting force for what we want which currently does not exist.  It's up to us to create it.

    • Diane and JD, EXACTLY!!!!!  The gop establishment is just as corrupt as the devildemocommiecrats!!!!!  NOTHING is going to come from any of this!!!!!  Both parties "investigate wrongdoing" by the other but the only one damaged in my lifetime was President Trump because they ganged up on him, lied, and conspired to get him out of office before he could fully expose them!!!!!  Madison Cawthorn is next because he exposed the cocaine orgies both sides hold!!!!!  mccarthy has already started attacking him and the establishment TRAITORS are going to get him out of office unless citizens in his district go to war for him and even that may not be enough!!!!!  dementia didt invent election FRAUD, they just enhanced the plan used against Ron Paul in 2008!!!!!!!!!!

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