• Probably going to sell more of America to China to put money in their corrupt pockets!!!!!!!!!

    • Bob... Pelosi and Lil Pauly did that. Hunters just catchin a "Customs Exempt" ride to pick up the "Big Guys" cut.  

  • Perverts all of them

  • No wonder "Ole" Joe believes Hunter is the smartest man he knows! Cause he is as this is the easiest way to smuggle large amounts of "Crack" into Hawaii... AF1 = No Customs Checks! 

  • Getting out of Dodge???

    IN YOUR FACE: Bidens boarding AF1,  invasion of Mar-a -Lago, continuing the J6 debacle, lying about inflation, arming the IRS, Congress passing Socialist /Communist laws and regs harmful (to U.S.) borders still open.and still we continue to believe the MidTerms will be on the 'up and up' , .the Repubs are counting on a Red Wave to allow more accusations and petty political revenge and more "investigations" which have allowed the our socalled "representaives" to dither around without solving the real issues facing "their constituents". Inflaton, Illegal invasion, energy independence, corrupt officials and courts...manipulated elctions...the failure of the dollar...rampant mis-education of our kids...$trilion deficits...out of control money printing much Gov spending ...need to add any more concerns?

    What will be left of the USA to "save"?

  • Did Jill not want Joe in the basement? Off goes Father & Son to never never land.

    • Destination GITMO!!!

  • Let's hope the next picture of them boarding an aircaft will find them weaarng Orange Jump Suites...

    • I would LOVE to see them both boarding a gallows!!!!!!!!!!


    • Oh, that would be so wonderful

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