• I hope President Trump & his family could feel the love & know how much we appreciate what they went through for us. 

    • I am very sure they feel it and I believe this is not over yet.

    • yup

  • As it should be!!!!

  • President Trump I waited just for you so I can become a citizen of this country thank you sir for all you have done for the United State of America and I believe you are still the president don't get to confortable because you will be back.

  • the democrats wont be in office before the people both republican and democrats have his administration removed

    • and that is it the people need to remove the Democrats out of office.


    • I like your optimism.  But I am wondering how you think people are going to remove the administration.  They have the House and Senate; they cheat, they lie.  The media goes along with them and the Democrat voters are too lazy to bother to look at the facts and too intellectually idiotic to be able to say "hey, all this domestic disturbance happens during Democrat administrations or because of Democrat administrations.  So just how do you think we'll be able to remove this administration.  And even if we did, how do we remove the Deep State actors who are not elected.


    • Martha, they have nothing.  Why?  Because Donald has the military.  1871.  Big change in law.  Result, we have 2 presidents and two inaugurations.  We even have two inauguration dates!  One is in March (some say April).  You have missed much.  Involved are the Italian government, the Vatican and its bank, Germany, France, Pakistan, and China.  The pope may have been arrested!  Even the president of Italy could have been arrested.  Isn't our news so wonderful?  Do you know that the Vatican and Pakistan had blackouts?  They are expecting one for us as well.  I just wonder what will happen during the blackout?  Remember the truck that blew up in Nashville.  Some lady warned people to clear the area.  Remember?  I said, "...Donald has the military."  There was evidence of a missile!  Is it possible that our military sent that missile?  It missed the truck and exploded across the street, affecting AT&T, no friend of Trump, and very near the area where Dominion Voting Machines are housed.  Is it possible that Trump was sending the deep-state a message?  Biden cannot order the military to do anything.  Pelosi asked the military to do something.  They refused.  She ordered the Pentagon to give her some items.  They responded that she had "no right to know," and was refused the data she sought.  Smile, Martha!  God is in control and guiding Trump perfectly.  Watch these videos remembering the talkers are men, not God, but....  ENJOY!

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    • Biteme took an oath to a government that (hopefully) no longer exists, the bankrupt corporation that was deeded to the IMF.

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