• They're traitors. They aren't hiding a thing. They stole the election and now they're stealing our country and freedom. The problem is US NOT ACKNOWLEDGING IT!!!.............This Schiff is real. Stop denying it!!!

  • Liars and thieves

  • Some info I got from Joanne;

    Two different things the Maricopa County Supervisors failed to mention. The hard drives were in the Dominion machines-- no chain of custody for who removed them nightly,, where they were taken, what they were  kept secure in. Who returned them to the County building every day nor any of the tapes showing no changed overnight.  Then the BOS admitted that they had NO access to administrative passwords. So, they were never in control of the election--- Dominion was. 
    The routers are not the same things. They record where  data is sent. The routers were included in the subpoenas but the BOS refused to supply them because the same routers are used for ALL County departments. BOS says info on routers could potentially compromise County employee private info....which is BS. 
    The Senate did settle with the dems and agreed to NOT check signatures on the mail in ballots envelopes.  Why would the Dems even want that when they are screaming about transparency.....unless there is something to hide.  
    Meantime the canvassing continues not only in Maricopa County but several others around the state. Many, many discrepancies in other counties. One canvasser in Pinal County said the errors run about 80 %. The voter rolls are massively inaccurate.... or there is massive fraud in many counties.
    Another day another scandal....and we haven't heard a word about what they ARE finding in the audit yet.
  • Like I have said before, if nothing is wrong don't worry let them dig all they want no problem. If there has been some cheating and lying going on then they will squeal like a pig caught under the gate. The louder they squeal you know you are on the track to finding something wrong.


  • We know what they are hiding; collusion with foreign enemies to steal freedom and Presidency from The People!

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