• Really! Really! we are out of control.

  • I'd flunk that course too. Probably drop out of the whole school after that nonsense. Time to stop putting up with anti-white racial discrimination.

  • This has to stop, we all know what is really going on. Anyone that holds Christian veiws and values, or aids those that due, are being singled out and dealt with alone and quietly. It's time to band ❤ together and make some noise!!! It's a war, we have to start acting and planning like it.

  • No wonder traditional cartoons are being cancelled, now we are forced to live in one... Revenge of the butt heads

  • If you do not comprehend the fact that there is a concerted effort by the leftist progressive democrats, to destroy our culture and change our history, then you are not paying attention.

  • i can see a movie made where an uptight liberal has a near death experience and upon coming back sues god for allowing whites into heaven and for non whites going to the other place


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