•   The teacher, the school officials supporting the teacher, and the school board that passively condone such behavior all need to be removed from their current positions. 

    • I agree...fixing what we have allowed to fester for decades starts at the local level, school boards on up. The cancer won't stop until we surgically remove it!


  • Unbelievable!!! Sue the pants off that school.

    • Agreed...hit them in the wallet..seems that is ALL they understand

  • Up is down and down is up...where's Rod Serling when you need him.??..this makes a great Twillight Zone episode.!!!

  • How stupid! How Ridiculous! Why should anyone apologize for the color of his skin?

  • INSANITY, INSANITY, INSANITY,  the left has lost their minds!!!!!!!!!!

    • that's a good word for the Democrats.

  • 308 in the face of the principle..

  • I am just as proud of being white as a black man is of being black!!! I do so hope his parents sue the crap out of the school.......

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