• It is much more than joe dementia!!!!!  The gop establishment is part of the conspiracy!!!!!  mcconnell, mccarthy, and 95% of the gop are TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!

  • I sent my email to Virginia's Congressional members. All but one are democrat. Virginia needs to change that in the 2022 election. Our freedom and bodly autonomy are at stake. 

  • I'm sending the email now!!!

  • My goodness eff these effing Communists! None of this is even a legitimate consideration. NO ONE takes control of the USA from THE PEOPLE. BIDEN should be immediately relieved of his false Presidency, and Insurrectionist Fake President JACOB ROTHCHILD needs to be arrested for GLOBAL MAYHEM and ONGOING GLOBAL TERRORISM. 🇺🇸

  • Perhaps UN personel need to be assaulted 

    • Perhaps...

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