How's The GOP Working Out For You?


It should be obvious to conservatives everywhere that the Republican Party must be replaced.  We must take the power of our votes to another party, one which will represent us faithfully and one which will be framed in a manner which will make corruption difficult to impossible.

President Trump told us on January 6 that he had received 75 million votes in a landslide win --- before the fraud.  Who are you going to believe?  The president or the mainstream media?  I remember going to his first rally at the Civic Center on July 11, 2015.  I estimated the crowd inside at 17,000.  Later he said it was 15,000.  The Arizona Republic claimed there were only two or three thousand or so!  That’s our mainstream media at work.  Yet, with all those votes, why isn’t he set for inauguration?  Because the Republicans sunk him.  Pence could have sent the vote back to the states for recertification.  Instead, having met with McConnell, McCarthy and Pelosi to discuss it in advance, he told us that he didn’t think that the founders wanted the vice president to decide the presidency.  Completely lame.   I guess Pence thought that in the face of overwhelming evidence of voter fraud, the founders wanted to just let it go.  What Pence really wanted was to end it now, invoking the constitution, denying the Supreme Court the opportunity to make that review.  He knew that, whereas no previous court had examined the evidence of the fraud, the Supreme Court would examine that evidence and find for the president.  It was a setup.  Another setup.  But it’s wrong to think that the victim is president Trump.  The victims are the 75 million Americans who wanted him in the White House.  But then, we’ve been the victims all along as the people we vote for assist the Left as we careen toward one-world global socialism.

But what was new about the president being set up?  We know McCain was helping the Left with their “Russian Collusion” fraud.  But heck, it went back as far as Clinton with the GOP.  With successive majorities and Republican presidents in the White House at the same time, there has not been a single piece of meaningful conservative legislation passed.   Bush had no intention of passing any, so the GOP was ok there.  Trump however, wanted tons of it passed…and the congress denied us every single issue. They couldn’t even get Obamacare repealed!  It’s not an accident.  It’s not a defeat.  It’s the GOP’s plan: stiffarm conservatives to allow the Left to run.  If you follow it back for decades, you see the pattern.  And, the way the party is set up, we can do nothing about it.  60 years of trying has made that clear.

There are 75 million voters out there who want the things that those of us reading here also want.  We are among them.  How about constructing a real home for those voters and leaving the phony GOP behind?  Our nation has tea parties in every town as well as conservative clubs and organizations, Republican clubs and etc, all for the most part made up of conservatives.  So let’s put that party together and begin now!  Here’s a possible framework, one which will seriously limit or even totally prevent corruption as we’ve seen.  Check it out:

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