How Progressives Are Dismantling America's Foundation

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Progressivism seeks to replace the U.S.'s founding principles with a new set of doctrines.

Undergirding the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution is a set of philosophical principles that are under assault by Progressives. These founding principles, derived mostly from the Federalist Papers, provide the lens through which we read and understand the Constitution. Without this lens, the meaning of the Constitution and American law becomes putty in the hands of every special interest group.

Progressivism seeks to replace the founding principles with a new set of doctrines based on the tenets of social justice — a system which elevate the rights of "protected classes" (non-whites, LGBTQ, women, etc.) by subordinating the rest of society. This so-called "just society" is not the kinder, gentler America that Progressives promise, but a dystopia where the rights of the many are trampled, dissenters are punished, and government has nearly unlimited power and scope. The examples that follow are selected from my recent eBook, The War on America's Founding Principles: How Progressives Are Dismantling America One Plank at a Time.

Inalienable Rights. The assault on America's Founding Principles begins by dismantling the inalienable rights upon which our nation is built. An attack on these rights, which are endowed by God rather than the state, is an attack on our entire constitutional system. The first inalienable right, according to the Declaration of Independence, is the right to life — the right to exist.

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  • Progressivism is a bizarre example of Doublespeak ('1984' movie). Remember 'Soylent Green'? 'Clockwork Orange'? Seems like humanity is continually drawn to dystopia ... Joe Biden is the latest example.

    • Joe draws flies, and for obvious reason.

  • We have the right to free speech. We have the right to keep and bear arms. The right to representative taxation. Where have these rights gone. Like the great Ronald Reagan said. We are but one generation away from losing our freedom. I fear that time is approaching.

    • Those rights mentioned are in dire threat of being suspended... If Biden is our president they will disappear. The Constitution will become moot. Rule by Executive Order and Judicial Fiat will become the norm.  Congress and the President will ban ammunition manufacturing and sales.  The Democrats will stop commercial sales of firearms, including transfers between individuals.  Free speech will be regulated. Hate speech will be defined as speech not politically correct and will be banned.  Public Assembly will be by PERMIT and anti-government or politically offensive assembly will never receive a permit.


  • Their progress could be stopped instantly if/when we take away their control of ABC CBS NBC CNN MSNBC NPR.

    • Don't forget FOX

  • This is Sodom and Gomorrah 

    • you Nail on the head.

  • Once you remove God from the culture and marketplace and government and education, there is no thing to compare anything to and so everything seems acceptable.

    Once you remove God from the history, a country sinks into a cesspool of depravity of heart, mind and soul. Vain imaginations, depravity made acceptable, leading all the way to sacrifice of babies and children. The worst of all sins.

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