• Yes, President Donald J. Trump has done America a very great service by his presidency. Now, he needs to do what is very much lacking. This Day of Passover!  The Creator of heaven and earth is our Judge over America as written into the Declaration of Independence, 1776, last paragraph.  He, The. Creator, needs to Judge the hard matters as written at Deuteronomy 17.8. That is carried out at the Place He put His Name. That is the Place where David bought the threshing floor at 2 Samuel 24, that is now on the Temple Mount southeast area of pavement, of Mt. Moriah, the mountain of the teaching of "YaHooVaH". That Name is written in paleo Hebrew letters by The Creator at Exodus 31:18. At Malachi 3, we find that He never changes. He also rules over those demon Elohim, fallen angels  of psalms 82, also call UFOs demons  that are warring with us now everywhere under, in and over the earth.  The war is the heavens, and it is a Spiritual war beyond our mind and muscles, because of our great trespass of not staying true to The Creator's full Word these years of our nation, and, all the earth.

    He tells us at Ezekiel 36-40 and throughout Scripture that He will save us by His great Name sake.  At Exodus 9:16, He told Moses that all the earth was to know His Name and His Glory. Zachariah 4:6, He says, not by power or by might but by My Spirit. That is how we win the Kingdom on earth with our Faith in The Creator. See 1 John 5:5. At Jeremiah 30:11-12, we find our wound is incurable for us of mankind other than our Faith in The Creator. Read Matthew 5-7, and be humble to our Creator and His Name that Abraham came to worship.   "YaHoshua", the Holy Son, Creator of this age, of creation, by His Word,  came to save as the people of "YaHooVaH", by our Faith. See Zachariah 6, for name of The Branch, kjv. Remember we died with Him to this fallen world of sin, and we live with Him in the Spirit in His Recurrection.. He gave the perfect Sacrifice for our sins and trespass and our Redemption. Now we receive the Kingdom as a gift, see Luke 12, and as a little child as it says at Luke 18. We pray, to Him, in His Name and He as Daddy will save us, by our Faith in His True Name you find at Zachariah 6, as The Branch, and at Isaiah 12, at kjv scriptures, the Father's Name, remembered, kjv. Romans 12:19, vengeance belongs to Him, The Creator. We pray, and His hosts of heaven take care of these Demon wars that threaten our souls, and spirits.  It is a very active war we do as we confront the enemy. Faith without works is dead. We are warring against a death cult of demon activity all over, in, and on,  the earth. Lies are trying to bury Truth. Please Spiritally fight for the Kingdom of The Creator, on earth,  but, in the Spirit. Capture what the Spirit allows for The Kindom. This is like warring of David against Goliath.  Matthew 23:39, remember, blessed is He that comes in the Name of "YaHooVaH". 

    We are not of that Roman statue of Daniel 2, to adopt Roman demon names. We are adopted into our Father's family that use His Names. After all, remember the Father has our name written in the book of life, so names are important, and our Heavenly Father does not change. Remember that at John 8:33-44, and at Matthew 23, we find those who worship Satan and his lies and his fallen angels that war against us and our Creator now. They are Not Jacob. The Creator knows His sheep and loves us so read His word and pray, and help your children.
    Obey all the Father's Commands that pertain to us. Read Revelation 22:18-19. Pray with ceasing.

    at Isaiah 43:6, we are told The Creator will bring us to His courts with Thanksgiving and praise. He fights our battles. We ask Donald J. Trump to get us to The Place as described at i kings 8, and II Chron. 7, to the Place of the Altar of David for America's Highest Court for Judgment from the Most High God. No lesser gods will do. We do not want violence, we want a peaceful way to our Creator's Court where the enemy can also present its case as at Zachariah 3. We come, prayfully for The Mercy of our Great God, who gave dominion over the earth at Genesis 3:26 to the sons of The Adam to whom was breathed the breath of life by The Creator, to bring in The Kingdom of The Creator. We have fallen from our first mission, so, we sorely pray for Mercy from The Creator, in humility, and Repentance.

    in the Name of The Creator

    virginia Ulrich
    near 5861 desert view drive

    la Jolla, California


    we want to be adopted into the inheritance of the house of Jacob, who is loved by The Creator, not those who turn their back on Life, and Truth and Love of The Creator. That is what America was to worship at its beginning, our Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHoshua HaMashiach Elohim of Yisrael". Even some of the leaders of the Pilgrims spoke Hebrew. We were taught to read Scripture in school. We must return to our roots.




  • Big difference between him and what scum we have running this Country now and that includes some of the so called Republicans . Miss him

  • Made a sign and put it in my car window... YOU CAN'T BUY OR SHOP WITHOUT A MASK OR A SHIELD ON YOUR FOREHEAD... LAW OF THE BEAST! Rev. 13:16-17

  • Love that man!!!!

  • The time has come for us all to resist the DC policies and politicians (Left and Right) who wish to deprive us of our liberty and to destroy OUR American way of life. We as individuals need to say ENOUGH! We need to be loud enough for them to hear our voice. We need to fight back about these noinsensical Covid lockdowns, out of control and radical school boards, election integrity and most of all Biden's Open Borders plan to overwhelm and bankrupt our country. It is time.

  • President Trump needs to come out and be the leader to take  back this country, or he needs to appoint a leader to replace him.  We can't wait 4 years.  We need to stop this overthrow now.  I think there are enough people out there that would follow a leader.  I am ready to give all to keep my family from the lifestyle that the far left is take ing this country.  

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