• This is the worst ever. I think Jimmy Carter was a genius compared to Biden. Then again, Carter wasn't an old senile man yet.

  • I had to go from eating three meals a day to two meals a day that's how bad is his hit me.

  • We need to take the House and Congress so that this fake president becomes a dead dock and will not be able to destroy our country no more 

  • All the Talking Heads (the few that actually report on the economy) mention is how Bidens regime are affecting the Middle-Class Family. The Elderly - Retired - Disabled... Not a Word! Reminds me of a  movie "Soilent Green"? where the elderly were indiscriminately rounded up, faced a Govt. Panel and if judged to be a non-Productive Member to the Society (note: all before the Panel were judged as such) You rode the conveyor belt to the graphic end!   

  • I sure feel it at he grocery store, and the gas pump.

  • Hopefully the new congress in 2022 can recind the horrible bill. If not maybe the next president can

  • Biden's Inflation Bill is the final death nail to the middle class. He is the number one enemy to those who love God, family and country. God Help us.

  • I am a single 84-year-old man living alone am my cost of living has increased $318 per month. Am I driving consists of going to a grocery store. Or a VA medical appointment.

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