• Colonel, Yes, you are correct. We are in the midst of an "Undeclared War's Beginning." The division of sides in this War will be independent of Agencies, Professions, Politics, Military or Political Party. Sides will be dependent only on what is within One's Heart that determines "Right From Wrong." Whatever our personal motives, we who share on these pages have a "Common Bond of What is Right." Those we oppose also share that "Bond" of what they believe is Right. No Oaths, Jobs or Professions, predetermined what Our Hearts Know as Truth. In this War to be, We Will find Comrades in Arms among those in the Governments and their Agencies. And those Governments and Agencies will find Our Opponents from among Our Citizens. Do not condemn by Titles but look for Truth in the Hearts.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Thank you John. We have been Fair Warned.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I knew when I saw the "Do Not Cross-Police" yellow tape surrounding the Children's Public Playgrounds.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Call D.C. and tell them,WILLING CONSENT IS DENIED!

  • A leader, a just takes one. It JUST takes one.  It just takes ONE!  The Tea Party could lead.  Well, Jenny Beth?

  • I WILL NOT COMPLY and my family is with me on this...........  F**K JOE BIDEN and the rest of the democratic gang!!!  Let's get rid of them all....

  • "I will not comply!" Is best demonstrated, not stated.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain



    The percentage of homegrown progressive sheep is still too high for protests to create an overwhelming effect.

    A few of these sheep may become allies but most of them will have to be persuaded to shut up and get out of the way.

    Antifa: AKA (“Obama’s civilian defense force”) will also have to be dealt with in whatever manner deemed appropriate.

    BLM is still a mystery. They have already countered Uncle Joe’s mandate with ‘The Race Card’ and perhaps that can be utilized in some way.

    Although the police forces across the country are being steadily transformed into the new ‘American Gestapo’, I hope and pray that there are still enough Good Cops that will refuse to shoot their neighbors for not wearing a mask.

    Like many on this site, I believe we are out of procrastination time. If we don’t act now there won’t be an America to save.


    • Good thinking, Thomas!  But your cart is ahead of your horse.  Throw out the dems and RINOs in DC firstly, (and perhaps in some states) and then the staunch conservatives and Trump can establish a logical order of business.  On that list, somewhere, is the round-up of blm and antifa members and an investigation of Soros and his organizations as well as Bill and Hillary's organizations.   Let's Roll!

    • How do you suggest we throw the dems and Rinos out of DC? I don’t think they’ll leave if we ask them to.

      And I’m not aware of any army at our disposal. Your method of removing them needs some clarification.


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