• I knew Barr was a Deep StateTreasonous P.O.S. when he said Ebstein WASN'T Murdered. What A CROCK!!!!

  • I fear for America

  • SWAMPERS-!!!

  • Crooks

  • I listened to this guy and I now know for sure I live in an alternate universe. This guy says Trump told Wray to go after Antifa and Wray refused??!! Why didn't Trump fire him!!?? Why was Trump so WEAK when it came to dealing with the Deep State?? Then the Mole Barr comes in and of course backs Wray up to do nothing to stop Antifa/BLM violence, rioting, burning and looting that went on for months in many cities. But a small number of Trump supporters are "led" into the Capitol and they are still in solitary in jail. I hope Trump does not run again. He can be the "king' maker but we need someone like Desantis who is not afraid of the Deep State and will actually do something. This guy also says Trump wanted to send in the National Guard on 1/6/21 at the Capital to keep peace. But again Barr/Wray would "not let him" WTH?? Then before Biden is sworn in someone (Pelosi, Wray) sends in 25,000 troops to an Empty Washington complete with fences with razor wire! 

  • Antifa, Black lives Matter started with obama and his administration and as long as obama is on the street those groups will be on demand.

  • This is what happens when leadership fails to clean house.... bad... no terrible personnel management cost Trump his second term... put America in terrible jeopardy and may well cost Trump his empire and personal freedom.  One doesn't allow revolutionary enemies of the State to hold key positions in the government.  The Marxist understand this and they are CLEANING HOUSE RIGHT NOW IN THE GOVERNMENT... any audit proving fraud will end up crushed unless the GOP wakes up now... there is no time to debate this.

    • You are right. With the stroke of a pen all the great things Trump did have been eliminated. He did nothing against the Deep State and the Mole Barr was really the worst.

  • Remind yourselves about these two, if you feel your resolve diminish.

  • We will never have another chance again. We have to do a total house cleaning.

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