• Impeach them all

  • I am physically giving God the time for which He may be asking, until April 27.  God, please help us!  Let us round that date out to May1, May Day., a fitting date, a fitting call - May Day, May Day!  On that date, or as soon as is logically possible, the Million, or hopefully, Five-Million Women’s' March should occur.  But the planning, the mental work must begin now.  No time for cute sayings/thoughts.  The time is now for formulating the goal. Then is the time for planning, organizing, contemplating, contacting, re-evaluating, plan adjustments in order to make the goal achievable.  Millionaires need to be contacted concerning funding of coaches, etc.  Banners need to be made.  Groups of women organized by locality.  No need to contact government people for permission to parade.  With 5-million women and their cars, busses, taxis from the Reagan National Airport, and likely walkers, who is going to stop these awesomely courageous women?  I do not know enough about national parades to organize this.  I can bet that Jenny Beth does.  And who better to lead/head the march than Jenny Beth, Dee, and Melanie?  If Soros, Clinton, and other malefactors can finance and plan activities for the dems and illegals, why cannot we have our benefactors.  Who better to start this campaign than the Tea Party Patriots?  The dems say we, the TPPs, are dead now.  Not so.  It is not "Dem bones, Dem bones, Dem dry bones"; it is "Conserv bones, Conserv bones, Repub them Conserv dry bones!  Now hear from the word of We the People and the Lord!"  Who is going to take this responsibility?  I do think it should be organized, planned, and performed as quietly as is possible so as to avoid any troubles as much as is possible.  TrumpVictory2020 has names and sponsors as does the Tea Party and militias throughout the country.  Contact should be through landlines and similar avenues.  You do know that the libs monitor these blogs.   Thoughts, anyone?  Thoughts, Jenny Beth, Dee, and/or Melanie?

  • Just like with bodily violations, once a civil rights victim recovers,

    a second time around attempt is recognized immediately.

    The assailant will have to think again.

  • How long before the "shootin' war" starts???  They MIGHT have a few generals on their side... BUT THE GRUNTS ARE DAMN-SURE WITH US!!!

    Works for me.

  • The French Revolution has come to America. WE are the new Third Estate. When we are unable to vote by ballot, we will have to vote with bullets. Buckle up.

  • the Democratic party who is in charge of this country like Nancy, chuck are Demon posses.

  • Do what they will.  If we cannot stop the dems, I will still run my mouth, loud and often. I believe I will not be alone!  Throw me in jail?  You will feed me, clothe me, keep the temperature around me comfortable, take care of my medical and dental needs.  Talk about a beautiful welfare system, AND, I will still run my mouth.  So, you kill me.  I go to heaven where I will see you go to hell!  I still win, because right is still right.  And others will rise up saying, " Give us our liberty, or give us our death."  Jesus said it somewhat differently:" Give us this day our daily bread and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil!"  Any questions?  I wonder what the feds would do with a million-woman cascade upon DC with no weapons and marching into the Capitol!  Fence?  I bet they would find a hole or two in it.  Enough is enough.  You took all my hundreds of hours of volunteer work for our President Trump and spat on it; you raped me by raping my work.  You took my vote and turned it over.  You spat on my vote; you raped my vote; you raped me a second time and laughed about it.  No, I do NOT give up; I do NOT give in.  I can hear the ghosts of the original congress inviting us all in:  it is OUR HOUSE!!!, LEST YOU FORGET!  Did I just hear someone say: "LET'S ROLL!"

    • Wow. Never heard this past several years explain the people's pain so adroitly. Your analogy is perfect. A mass rape, a dems favorite thing to do. 

    • I am ready let's do it.  It is time to take back our country from the power hungry idiots in DC.



  • I know the democrats hate having people findout what is in their deceptive legislation.

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