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  • how about an amendment to outlaw politicaL  parties

  • Why do the demonrats want to elect the president with a simple majority of the popular vote instead of using the electoral college? We need the electoral college because it represents the will of the people, of the American people. A simple majority of all votes cast in the country does not do that.

    • Since a 50% plus 1 vote total would result in continual control of election results in few socialist high density areas, the majority low density wide spread areas will toss this Electoral College abolishing resolution where it belongs, in the toilet.

      It is nothing but a naked Globalist attempt to sieze power more conveniently using wittless selfish mobocracy.

      But, this might signify that the Globalists realize that the procedural election fraud they effected in 2020, may be eliminated by reforms to likely follow. 

      Removing the electoral college as a safeguard from tyranny by the majority population upon all regions, means more overt means to achieve their desired election results is now desired by them. Covert means are either not needed or not wanted anymore.

      The Electoral College did not fail us. Human stupidity, greed, and technological unforseen liabilities we did not see, did.

    • I agree, Michael. We need to ensure that the minority can still win elected office and run the country by maintaining the elctoral college. Otherwise we may as well be a corrupt democracy and not a republic.

  • If the Democrats and RINOS are for it then I'm against it.

  • The Russian government looked like a puppet comparing to the socialist government we have here in our free country but what makes me angry our elected officials are scared to do anything.

  • there will be continuous cheating stealing and so forth will never see you another conservative President again

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