• Send her back to the muslim country, she has NO business in our government

  • We will see no change until we take back the House. Democrats must never be allowed to hold any power in government. The Democrats are no more. There party has finally revealed itself and its true intentions. They are and have always been Marxist Communist. They must be removed from office. All of them. 

    • All commie demon-rats like all opposition to Trump need to be eliminated from American soil. That's the only way he can really make America Great Again, and preserve our freedom & liberty 

  • I'm tired of listening to this idiots saying nothing but anti-American way of life. They should get out of my country go somewhere else and see if they have the same rights STUPID IDIOTS

  • how about defunding congress

    • HAH!! Wouldn't the roaches scatter then? lol

  • why is this a surprise ? she has all but condoned and pardoned those responsible for the attacks on 9/11

  • All of Congress should be arrested, actually. None of them follow the Constitution. 

    They sit on their a** and let the SCOTUS write "law".

    WHERE in the Congressional Register is the "law" legalizing abortion? Obergefell, which supposedly legalizes homo "marriage"?

    HOW can they ignore the Law of Nature and Nature's Law? in the Declaration?

    Do they serously think SCOTUS actually WRITES law? Give me a break.

  • Who overturned the law that muslims could not hold government office? We need to know by who and why the law was repealed. Since the muzzies have been elected, there has been nothingn but chaos by these useleess animals.

    • Michael:  Hello.  I call them muslimes.


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