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  • Freedom of speech doesn't exist all that much in the Islamic "faith" either. 

  • The "SQUATTERS" sure get alot more cred than they deserve, because they sure didn't earn it or the title" the squad". My pet hamsters are a squad...


  • Let them devour eash other then we will be rid of them at NO tax payer expense

  • Tlaib, Omar and the rest of the squad are all traitorous liars.  It isn't that there is no freedom of speech for Muslim women; it is that they just don't have any common sense.  They run their mouths off when they do not know what they are talking about.  They defame the USA and our allies.  In the name of what - some God (who is actually the same God as the Jews and the Christians, of course since they are educated idiots I wouldn't expect them to know that.)

  • Here's hoping they destroy each other.

  • They are fighting each now....Excellent....

  • If you don't follow the Quads message of hate for Israel, the American Constitution and Jesus then you must be a racist.  These leftist Marxist democrats think we don't know what they are truly about. They are spawned straight out of hell.  Those who follow them are making reservations for the eternal hellfire’s.

    • I guess I am Racist - but I bet I am far more open minded than they are!!!  However unlike them, I do know the difference between right and wrong!

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