• As a "Suggestion" all American Citizens must push their individual States to "Open Primaries!" Meaning One must Not Have a Party Affiliation to Vote for a Limited Number of Choices, in the Primary. In an "Open Primary" no Citizen is limited to what any "Political Party" has "Authorized to Run For Position in Exchange for Upholding Party Platform" regardless or not the benefit to the "Voter!" This brings back once more the opportunity to "Vote for the Statesman", the " Volunteer Citizens who cares about Future Generations rather than about their next Election/Job!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Steal from the penniless Americans to add to their millions. Take, grab, steal. They are loathed by the citizens. 

  • Usless worthless assholes who feed off of us them out!!!

  • Hey Leonzo,

    Do you actually believe the Magician turned the ball of Fire into  a Flying White Pigeon? You are repeating the nonsense Politicians would like you to believe about "Fair Share" in taxes. Ever hear the line, "Tax the Rich to feed the Poor until there are no Rich to Tax anymore." What politicians, either Party do not want you to know are things like, "Once elected they are obligated to four hours A day, five days A week at their respective Party Headquarters conducting Party Platform Business on " Your Tax Dollars!" That the majority of their information gathered to conduct their Congressional Business comes from "Lobbyist", who who conduct their " Presentations " over "Provided" dinners, Golf Courses, Spas, Resorts with Demonstrations, including Travel, Room, and Board for Self, Family and Staff!. All the while collecting Tax Payer Salary Salary, Benefits and Daily Perdium. We need less "Politicians" who put their efforts towards the Next Election, and more "Statesmen" who put forth their efforts towards the Next Generations!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • We the People refused for this idiots to use our tax paying dollars for a raise tell Bill Gates and the other three to give them the raise 

  • The sneaky cowardly bastards long ago created legislation worded that even if they do not vote to raise or not raise, they receive an automatic raise. A "Raise" by Absentia!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • They should NEVER be allowed a raise withought a vote from WE THE PEOPLE!  The raise should only be for the NEXT duly elected person, Not those still in office!!

  • All "Elected Representatives and Senators, State and Federal" should be paid the "The Average Income of those who elected them to Office, and receive the Average Benefits of same." Then perhaps more realistic discussions directed towards the issues concerning American Citizens would take place, with equity and equality.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I say that if you run for office and win, you go to D.C. and live in a barracks, eat in a chow hall, go to a dispensery for sick call  and attend classes on the Constitution daily... Then, we'll see who really wants to serve the people!!

  • Hang them all!

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