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Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin (Mich.), a first-term member who represents a district President Trump won by roughly 7 points in 2016, said that polls showing the president trailing former Vice President Joe Biden are “inaccurate.”

“I don’t believe it,” Slotkin told Politico Magazine when asked about recent polls showing Biden performing well in key swing states, such as Michigan. FiveThirtyEight currently has Biden nearly 10 points ahead of Trump in Slotkin’s state of Michigan.  

The former CIA analyst said there are too many variables at play for a poll to accurately reflect what will happen in November. 

“Listen, if anyone tells me they can accurately predict what major events are coming in the remainder of 2020, I’ll give them a thousand dollars,” Slotkin said. “I mean, this has been the year of black swans. … I don’t for one minute think this [presidential] race is safe in anyone’s column. I’ve been literally begging people to ignore those polls. They are a snapshot in time. And if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we have no idea what’s coming next.”

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  • I don't give a damn about polls. Every real American needs to get out and vote this November! Our COUNTRY is at stake!

  • Even if you're a Democrat you better vote to reelect President Trump if you want to see this country survive. 

  • I've been polled. I bs'd them all the way. We have the secret balloting guaranteed by the Constitution, who do they think they are asking me about my voting?

  • When are the polls never in the republicans favor?.............Been noticing it since the 70's.  We've been betrayed by media and academia.

    • I really don't care about the polls. Phil


    • That wasn't my full point,but yes.


  • I don't trust the polls because this November I will be voting for the first time since I became a citizen of the United State of America and I am not going to vote for Democrats

    • Welcome Jeff. 

    • thanks, Diane.

  • polls do not mean anything

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