The situation in Loudoun County, VA, has become a point of national interest over the last year as it has come to represent ground zero for the fight against Critical Race Theory and transgender ideology in schools. Parents have stood up at school board meetings and pushed back on policies allowing boys in girls’ bathrooms, books that promote pedophilia, and other perverse directives.

Back in June, one such meeting exploded with multiple arrests after the cowardly school board declared an unlawful assembly. Police officers with no care for the rights of parents grabbed and threw one man to the ground who refused to leave. In what became a viral moment, the man was dragged out with his pants around his ankles.

Smith was given a no-trespassing order prior to the meeting that forbids him from telling his story. This was all part of an elaborative cover-up by the school district to not publicize the rape of his daughter. In fact, when Smith showed up at the school to complain about what had happened, they essentially accused him of lying and called the police, not on the transgender rapist, but on Smith himself for causing a scene. Luckily, he was able to get his daughter a rape kit that evening that confirmed the crime.

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    • Mental health issues are not the responsibility of the Federal Government ... they are State Issues and I don't recall ANY FEDERAL MENTAL HOSPITALS in my home state during the years of Regan.  If there is any shame to be distributed for the abuse of our mentally ill it goes to the STATES who also neglected PUBLIC HEATH for years.ll causing many of the early problems with mobilizing for the COVID Pandemic.

      I think you have SELECTIVE MEMORY and forgot how the public health system worked in the '50s and early '60s... there was no federal Department of Health and Human Services until May 4th, 1980.  Reagan was President  1981 - 1989 the DHHS in existed when he took office.  Previously it was the DEW Department of Education and WELFARE... with very little emphasis on Health.  The states were the primary vehicle for providing care for the mentally ill and indigent.  Families were expected to bear the burden of support for their own... a unique concept in today's dependent social order.

      The closing of Mental Health facilities was overwhelmingly the work of States which no longer wanted the fiscal burden of providing care for the mentally ill... they would rather house DRUG ADDICTS, care for indigent illegal aliens, and the criminally insane, than care for the low IQ, disadvantaged and chronically mentally ill.

    • Low IQ is NOT MENTAL ILLNESS and we shouldn't be taxed to pay for their care.   Parents, families, churches, should be dealing with those.    Disadvantaged is not a mental illness either.   We already provide public schools, and there are more than adequate support for those.

    • I agree, low IQ should not become a state problem... families should care for these disadvantaged individuals.  However, low-IQ is often accompanied by serious physical and MENTAL issues and in those cases, institutionalization may become the only rational means to care for them, as their families prove unable to provide the needed care... 24/7. 

  • Steven, We all know what our Grandparents and Great Grandparents would have done. The Community would have ended the Evil, Comforted and Repaired the Young Girl, Ostracized the Parents, and assured than none of the "Incidents" were Reported or Recorded. History may be best served repeated.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


  • States still have Mental Facilities available for those deemed by the Courts "Mentally Unfit" to stand trial or be sentenced.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • What would our grand parents have done?

  • Or perhaps to prevent future harm to females tie him to a tree, hands bound behind, and turn that "Rooster" into a "Hen" with the aid of a thin rope and a Pickup!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Instead, the Board of Education transferred him/her to another local school ... too,  practice his/her trade, thus promoting diversity opportunities within a wider pool of potential victims.  He/she must have been wearing a 'mask' while doing the dirty deed, or the School board would have expelled and arrested him/her.

  • Every State has a Mental Hospital. Everyone of those Hospitals have a Special Ward, exclusive for Child Molesters. This is where that "Skirt wearing boy" should have been transferred.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • The perv in this case is a minor.   Doubtful he would be put in an adult facility.

      Incarceration for sure, but doubtful an adult facility. 

      My daugher is a social worker at the program manager level.   Supervisory.   Her job way back when the 'hospitals' were being shut down, was to go into the back wards and determine which ones would be release at each time.   There reached a point where she said the choices she had to make were releasing folks that there would be consequences for.   Politics were to CLOSE the hospitals and release everybody in the end.   That's a couple decades ago.    


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