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Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf offered a harsh evaluation of the anarchist group Antifa Wednesday, declaring that in certain capacities, the left-wing group “absolutely” meets the standards worthy of condemnation as a “domestic terrorist group.”

“I think what we see with them individually targeting law enforcement, individually targeting certain officials for certain reasons, that is the definition of domestic terrorism,” Wolf told The Federalist, going on to explain, however, that the group’s decentralized nature makes it difficult for law enforcement to offer effective surveillance and widespread prosecution.

“The issue with Antifa,” Wolf explained, “it’s not just one singular group. It’s a loosely knit organization that’s very hard to define, very hard to define who’s a part of it.”

Wolf pointed to the FBI conducting several ongoing investigations into the group to greater understand its underpinnings. That could benefit law enforcement agencies nationwide grappling with intensifying violence as major U.S. cities suffer under a historic moment of civil unrest.

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  • Antifa must be wipe out from this country they are an enemy who want to destroy America so we must declare war on them 

  • I strongly believer bullets will stop most of them

    • One day I fear there will be a need for the locals with guns at the ready to form a blockcade across the roads. Only then, since the democrat backstabbers in office will do nothing to protect property or life, will there be an answer to the Marxist rabble. I for one will be on that line.

    • I believe we need this. WE the People standing up against evil with our guns locked and loaded will do more to stop this incessant attacks on our right to defend outselves. Those afraid of guns, as they would see those of us with guns, protect their homes and neighborhoods and businesses, will have an eye-opening awakening that no media liars could come against.

    • Be aware that these cowards will have snipers in the back ground taking shots at EVERYONE, their own as well to create chaos. Be sure to have armed people in their back drop as well as your own. Show no mercy, no quarter. Be ready!

    • Stop most of them? Last time I checked, a bullet well fired stops all of them.

  • Way PAST time for antifa to be ENDED by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!

    • End by any means necessary! There is indeed no room for antifa in the US.

  • So much more would get done if American Patriots, Conservatives and Christians actually borrowed some of the tactics of the Left.  Organization, Loyalty to one another, Reliability, regular meetings for planning actions, and the willingness to make NOISE. This young man Kyle Rittenhouse for instance, defended his own life against three violent Felons, and HE is the one charged with MURDER? The Right's response to this should be so loud that it drowns out Antifa and BLM, and reminds the People that the Constitution is still the Law. We should be screaming bloody murder for the removal of Mayors and Governors who support these Terrorist Groups and refuse to take any action to end the violence and destruction. If anyone is interested in actually ACTING, by starting in our own communities and moving upward, growing as we go, please read, "THE 5 STEPS", at, OR on Facebook at the "Rapid Response Teams of NY" page. The steps can be found at the top of the page.

  • My hope is that Trump is waiting for his second term to hammer these rioters. All pravda needs is one Kent State to ruin his chances. Just as big a problem are numerous politicians taking Soros money. Remember ABSCAM? The FBI had to run out of the hotel and finish up investigating because our politicians were lined up in the hallway with empty breifcases. He mentioned "insurrection" recently which I beleive gives him the power to use military. (chop zone including the city hall= armed insurrection) 

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