• Reassurance for some: 

    Also, listen to Gen. Flynn & Lin Wood, two guys with deep inside information. DJT will be our president for four more years. Everybody knows he won 2020.

    I hope that encourages the impatient and those who are getting worried. Be sure to stock up!

    • What is going down will be Biblical in proportions.


      Ever heard of Simon Parkes?



  • What's most mind boggling and unfathomable is that there are so many people who knowingly vote for this pedophelia, criminal, traitor shit

  • Why is everyone so spun up?  Do you know there is a very good plan unfolding?

  • I am hopeful that millions of true patriots will boycott the companies(including AT&T, Verizon, Marriott, Best Buy, Blue Cross and others) that publically announced they will not contribute to any Republican that did NOT vote to certify the Electoral vote, and to those that hindered Parler (Apple, Google and especially Amazon)  I'd love to see a portion of the Tea Party websidte tracking the political stances of major companies who are undermining our democracy.

    • Lawrence, these corporations are sure undermining our democracy but I think not much of our country is left anyway. What can we trust in this country? The elections? The courts? Law enforcement like the FBI or the CIA? Government agencies ande departments like the CDC, FDA, EPA, DOJ.....? You tell me what we can trust. If it wasn't for Trump who told us and the world the truth, we would never know that the US is a sham of a country where basic institutions don't work. He made America great again and the commies are destroying it even before they are taking over. These commies are just that powerful and all including Trump are useless compared to the entrenched might of the commies in the USA. How will we be able to save our democracy, our Republic, our freedom and liberties?

    • Paul, why would we want to save something the founders actually warned us about, - a democracy. We were founded as a republic and only that. A democracy is nothing more than an avenue for mob control, not a nation governed by law.

    • Two wolves and a sheep discussing what's for dinner.

    • If it wasn't for Trump who told us and the world the truth


      If it wasn't for Trump who told us and the world the truth


      If it wasn't for Trump who told us and the world the truth

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