• Hillary is a corrupt Liar Liberal Communist Democrat. Didn't she steal from the White House upon leaving? Isn't she and her husband being investigated regarding the Clinton foundation? Didn't she pay for false information to frame Trump? Corrupt Hillary, you will have your Fat ass and piano legs in front of the Grant Jury before you know it.



  • I would personally like to see her steel banded to a skid of her books heading for the nearest dumpster. 

    • I just want to see her dangling from a gallows!!!!!!!!!!


  • If he wins in 2024, it will destroy the Democratic Party, the country will be fine!  So odds are, he won't, due to election fraud. 

  • President Trump is hated because they can't buy nor intimidate him into selling his soul to their "god", satan and fear him because he will eventually expose the satanic deep state and America IS NOT a democracy it is a Republic based on the Constitution!!!!!


    Hose-Bag Hillary still trolling for support for her next run for the Presidency. ...but all she is getting are trolls! 

  • Hey, Corrupt Hillary if you woke up you would have known Donald Trump did more for America than any other President. But wouldn't have known that because you drank most of the time. Don't you know that you are being investigated for financing the phony Russia charge against President Trump? Now it coming back to bite you in the ass and you will be before the Grand Jury. I suspect you will be indited and then let us see what happens. In the end, Scum like you get to pay their dues. 

    • hitlery should be hanged for TREASON and multiple (dozens really) murders!!!!!!!!!!


  • Go to hell hellary!!! You and the rest of you TREASONOUS DEMOCRATS!!!


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