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  • From what I just heard Hillary was posing a hypothetical what if. It is no difference than the President asking Russia to see if they could find Hillary's lost 30,000 emails. Russia, China and a whole bunch of other countries have been meddling in our elections and governmental affairs for many decades. There is documentation that the Russians were actually working to get Hillary elected not Donald Trump, because they already had financial in roads into Hillary through the Clinton Foundation and speeches Bill had given. She would be easier to manipulate, than the unknown Donald Trump as President.

    • Hypothetical?   From.....HILLARY?!?!?!   good grief.

    • LOL.


  • I recall the dems getting in an uproar about Trump's facetious comment to Russia to find Hillary's emails, that it was interfering with the elections.  But none of them seem to have a problem with the evil bitch asking for assistance from China.   HELLO?!




  • I reply as a childof the 50's 60's and 70's. Well not so much a "child" in the 70's but very aware of social graces of the times.  I learned from racist parents and argued with thembecause of their beliefs. I distrust "authoritiy" because of my schooling, which instilled in me to become a better man. My "hippy" years taught me to love everyone. That being said, I still became a conservative in my beliefs. This article is no better than anything that the MSM would publish. The evil Mz Klinton turned a POTUS reference against conservatives. This MSNBC convo was no better or worse than POTUS statements. The admin's inclusion of this piece, along with the title of this piece was on par with all of the MSM hit pieces against PDJT. In no way did Klinton advocate for China or Russia in any way. I expect better writing from this site, not blatent hateful inflammation of "the other side". Don't sow hate and discord like the MSM, sow hope and togetherness for all of our people, be they white green yellow or brown.

  • Democrats take donations from China. Is that even legal?

    • It very much illegal 

    • BJ Willie took donations from ch ina both terms, laundered the money through a temple west of Phoenix Arizona. Then allowed ch ina to steal missile, radar technologies from a lab in Almagordo, New Mexico. The left has been selling our technologies to china for decades.

    • You didn't mention the Chinese spy working at Los Alamos where they design nuclear weapons. He was captured leaving the building with TOP SECRET documents and arrested. Word came down from the Clinton WH to release him but I don't know if the WH said he could keep those documents.

  • Thank God this shrew was not elected.  Clinton is just another student of the Alinsky manual on creating socialist controls for all people.  She is bordering on being a traitor.  When the entire nation has had enough of the "CHINA SYNDROME" in flooding our stores with their crap, borrowing money from China, having them steal our military secrets, medical, engineering, and science data, this bitch still wants to pull this garbage.  First of all, encouraging a foreign nation to involve itself in our elections is illegal.......WHY ISNT THE FBI ARRESTING THIS PIG? This is the same garbage that they tied up the entire nation for almost 3 years over fake Trump ....Russian collusion.........but this crap goes by without a wimper.  God if there is any justice, please relieve us of the damn Clintons and Obamas. 

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