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One thing you notice when having a conversation with a committed liberal is you’d have a more productive and honest discussion with a shoe. An old, worn-out shoe. Normally, this phenomenon could be chalked up to ignorance – stupid people are, well, stupid. But many of these people are not stupid, at least not in the traditional sense. It’s arrogance, a kind of arrogance that can only come from indifference to anything contrary to what they want.

You see this manifest itself in reaction to the reaction to the documents exposing how the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign. You also see it in the glee from leftists whenever they have the opportunity to report bad news about Hydroxychloroquine. And we saw it again Friday when Joe Biden casually dropped a racist comment in a radio interview. None of these people honestly believe they are capable of doing anything wrong because progressives don’t believe anything can be wrong when they do it in the name of their agenda.

Lying isn’t wrong if it’s done in the cause of righteousness. Theft isn’t wrong if it’s done for altruistic purposes. Murder isn’t wrong if it’s a bad person killed. Taken to their logical extremes you get the horrors of fascism and communism, but these people refuse to see that. One person, or a few people, even a lot of people, harmed in the name of the “greater good” is not a tragedy. It’s a statistic.

General Michael Flynn’s rights were trampled, his life destroyed, and he only agreed to plead guilty after financial ruin and the threat/promise of the same being brought upon his son, but so what? He worked for Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is bad. Anything done in opposition to “bad” is inherently good, or so the logic goes.

What do the civil rights of one man matter, or many people working on a campaign matter, when the campaign is for someone they view as the new Hitler?

Of course, using fascistic tactics to combat perceived fascism is the basis of ANTIFA, the enforcement wing of the Democratic Party. The concept behind those tactics are now the norm for the party as a whole.

Barack Obama is exposed as, at a minimum, completely aware of the spying. Obama was informed by the people who knew there was absolutely nothing to the collusion lie, but Obama justifies it because it’s Donald Trump. Donald Trump has to be bad. Trump supports positions opposite Democrats, and Democrats are all good. Anything is justified.

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    • Jesus Christ said plainly not one of His gets lost.  He is certain of it.  They are the only ones who get saved.  Looking forward to meeting you in the Place Where He Lives.


  • The Left or liberals who have overtaken the Dem party are evil.  They cheat, lye, and play dangerous games because they have lost their soul.  Evil has overrun them.  Pure Evil is completely devoted to themselves, they will do anything to maintain their power. We need to completely understand Evil.  We need to see it in front of us. We have to join in thought to rid ourselves of evil. We have been overrun by satan worshipers.  I mean real satan Devil; Lucifer or what ever you want to call them.  Remember Epstein these people flocked to his island.  This information isn't front and center yet, it will become news soon as the public can handle it. These people belong to satan worshiping organizations and they do some very terrable things.  The earth has been overrun by these evil people.  

    You may think I am a religious freak, or you can do some of your own investgating.  Be ready to be shocked!!!!!!  "Where are the Children?"  Pizza gate anyone????

    • that is exactly what happened to the Democratic party.

  • At least they believe in something!!!! 

    • Have seen many people who "believed in something" go on to wreak utter havoc all around them and justify it by their belief.

      Bill Gates comes to mind.  Sorry excuse for a human Soros. Don't forget Fauci.  Then there are those who supported Hillbeast.  Forget anyone?


    • I am sure they do.

  • Well, Jeff, I "call out his name" because his tue name is NOT obama; it's soetoro. He is an Indonesian citizen and has been since he was very young.

    • I agree with you Melanie but everyone doesn't know that he should be called by the name of Obama because everybody knows him by this name "Obama"

    • No. That's just perpetrating a lie, which is what he wants. I don't participate. If they don't know, you should tell them! We shouldn't be part of the problem.


    • I totally agree with you Melanie I got that believe me and also I believe that he is a Muslim too. Even his name "Obama" came from a Muslim background so I know all of this is not new to me. 

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