Have Health bureaucrats crippled America?

HUGE! Dr. Fauci And Dr. Birx Used Imperial College Model NOW ...

Look around. America the free is America the stifled.

And what’s perhaps the saddest about this reality is the stifling has come not by law, not by ordinance, not by duly passed legislation by duly elected officials — but by the whims and wishes of unelected, largely unaccountable medical bureaucrats.

If face masks are the great godsends of COVID-19 protections they’re made out to be, why don’t legislators pass mandates the American constitutional way — by proposing bills, openly debating the bills, publicly voting on the bills and going on record with votes for these bills that allow the people to hold them accountable? Why don’t local boards of supervisors and city councils?

If social distancing is the sure way of containing the virus, why don’t state governors, in partnership with state representatives, pen pieces of legislation that dictate the particulars of social distancing policy for schools, for businesses, for places of public gathering — and put in print, for all the citizenry to see, any exceptions to these regulations that may arise, such as Black Lives Matter protests in the streets? That way, there’s continuity in enforcement and application of law so, say, street protesters aren’t allowed to operate under one version of laws and business owners and shoppers, another.

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  • Once you are over 75 your life means squatt, the medical industry of America is following obama's playbook. Allowing people to die after they hit 70/75 years of age. If you believe your doctor is lying to you, go to a doctor in mexico, I don't think they have paid them off yet.

  • The truth is none of these work. The majority of the deaths in the states with the highest totals were in nursing homes. Governor's of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts have these deaths squarely on their shoulders due to their policies of sending patients back to these facilitirs, without the proper procedures in place to quarrenteen them from those who didn't have the virus. The end result was an explosion in deaths. It has now been shown children are rarely infected and don't pass it onto their parents or grandparents. It is a fact that the seasonal flu is much more detrimental to children than Covid-19. Also, those in general good health between the ages of 20 to 59 have a lower risk of contracting this virus and if they do it is mild for the most part. The death rate for this age group is .002%..... If Trump wins in November he should fire all these medical whizzes and replace then with people who have been trying to tell us the real fact about this virus, the nano technology research in ongoing in conjunction with vaccine research and the underlying reason the two are intertwined, masks, etc..


  • Yes, the leftist health criminals have cornered Trump. He was forced into a mask when in public places because their local health depts listed all deaths as Covid19 deaths. Now the lies are ruling Americans as Trump was blindsided and unable to beat the narrative.

  • My local pharmacy said that I had to wear a mask to enter. So I did then took it off.

    • Mask orders are unconstitutional and interfere with your health and life. The word is exempt. You are protected by HIPPA laws from being asked about your medical condition (I need to breathe). 

  • The Legislature in Ohio does NOT wear masks. All while DeWine orders masks to be worn by we the little peons, grateful to be allowed to breathe at all. 

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