Joe Biden Can't Stop Pranking Donald Trump - Let This HIGHlarious ...It's not entirely Joe Biden's fault that he'll likely be the Democratic Party's next loser in a presidential race but it's a fate that, like many of us, he may have already accepted.

There's a pandemic going on that has placed an indefinite hold on normal campaign activity, so the former vice president is at an unusual disadvantage. Still, in an interview Tuesday with Chris Cuomo on CNN, he was particularly rudderless.

Asked about that anticlimactic phone call he had with President Trump this week, he said he had nothing new to offer because he had agreed to keep the details of it confidential. Furthermore, he said that the suggestions he offered to the president had already been made public in his great anti-coronavirus plan of action.

"I called the White House, sure enough the president wanted to talk," Biden said. "We had a good conversation. I laid out what I thought he should be doing. I laid out four or five specific points that I thought were necessary and I indicated that it’s about taking responsibility and being commander in chief, taking on responsibility. He asked me whether or not we would not discuss the detail of what we talked about, just say that we had a good conversation. He was very gracious in his conversation."

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