• She not only sat at a N. Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun, she actively informed on US Prisoner of War... resulting in several being severely disciplined for attempting to communicate with their relatives, using her as a channel to reach them.

    She also made a number of anti-American and pro-N. Viet Nam propaganda speeches over the radio and in public appearance while in N. Viet Nam... these speeches were directly aimed at getting US Troops to defect or to go AWOL. This woman should be in prison not fomenting more sedition and subversive activities designed to destroy America.

  • Maybe this generation is not familiar with her sitting at a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun position during the war.

  • Still a traitor

  • Do you suppose anyone will dox her residences?

  • Lets start with her infrastructure!! Traitor!!

  • When O When is the country going to throw this Communist son of a bitch out of the country????

  • Another old Gas Bag trying to remain relavent . DEPORT HER !

  • Fonda has been a traitor for years - going back to the 60's.  She should have been arrested years ago.  Now I think she is trying to make herself meaningful.  

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