• JAMES is a FAT MOUTH IDIOT, who has NO OTHER TALENT than chasing a bouncing ball. His ASS is owned by china, I SAY WE SHIP HIM OVER THERE!

  • meanwhile lebron is ok with little girls being killed outside of mcdonalds and how the chinese government treats the citizens of hong kong

  • LeBron James is a fart with nothing to do with himself.

  • I would gladly donate $100 to help pay the bill shipping this knitwit to China where he can play ball for the CCP full time. This disgusting man either does not know anything about what's going on or is a Communist. I believe that is what he is, a Commie. I just wish he would SHUT UP instead of fomenting hate and racism. Idiots like him insist on forcing the lie that this is a racist country when it is not. It's the Democrat party and their media that are doing nothing but propaganda, lies, and censorship to force their agenda upon the people.  They won't let society get along, they want to divide people to keep them from uniting and throwing these globalists and commies out of office.

    Is Lebron James is working for the CCP?  I got my opinion.  A least it appears to way!!

  • He is disgusting

  • It does not matter what the facts are these people just assume that he is a rogue racist cop, out to kill black people.  

  • James is a nobody.  He is a marginal, half-educated, low IQ black man whose only work talent is putting a round ball through a metal hoop.  Great talent for work, something that is really work.  The guy is a bum and will most likely end up under a bridge five years after he is out of Bb.  I agree, he is a moron.

    • He's a brain washed fool who is throwing lies and hate out there to divide people on purpose. Hating on America while filling his cash vaults at that same time. Biting the hand that feeds him. Or in the CCP feeding him a little more?

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