• Isn't Biden/Work an "Oxymoron?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Yes - even when he is in the Oval Office he doesn't work. 


  • We don't want that. It would mean we'd be in even deeper shit than we already are.

  • At the very least when he is out of the WH he does less damage to the country

  • His puppet masters visit him in Delaware....He is hiding his Delaware visitors list......

  • We may be better off with him doing nothing.

  • Can't expect anything.  Biden has Dementia, besides being totally incompetent.  What's next?  Kamala.  She is worst; incompetent, stupid.  Obama & his cabal are really calling the shots.

  • Probably getting treatment of some sort and further away from wandering into reporters?

  • Wish he'd stay there , the old senial bastard.

  • He has not worked since the fraud election. Probably becoming too much of a hassle with him. Do not be surprised if he is not on this Earth much longer

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