On October 6th, 2020 Los Angeles woke up to a giant TRUMP sign in the foothills overlooking one of the busiest stretches of road in the United States, the 405 freeway.

The sign was immediately removed by the City of Los Angeles, citing traffic hazard worries, despite being on private land. Although the antics made national news, no one came forward to claim responsibility for the sign.

Until now.

RedState was contacted by a person referring to himself as “Mr. Black”, who wanted us to know that the group responsible for the sign had not only been planning it since 2018, they had also produced their own campaign ad in support of Trump and aimed at California voters. I was given permission to share it (continue scrolling for video) and it qualifies as a “must watch” in every sense of the term.

Not only is it quick peek into the entire stealth process of installing the sign, it is a dramatic call to action not unlike the recent viral GOP congressional ad narrated by Senator Mitch McConnell.

And it ponders the impossible with one seemingly ridiculous yet thought-provoking question…

Could Donald Trump actually flip California?

Mr. Black and company seem to think so, and when you watch this video you may very well come away believing it yourself.


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  • It always amazes me how the Conservative politicians (especially Trump) make you feel so patriotic while the commie Dems encite hatred for one of the best Countries in the world. Constantly negative. 

  • According to the liberal courts and many members of our DOJ and State AG's...  one can burn the Nation's Flag, walk on it, spit on it, pull down war memorials and historic statuary and burn down a city as an exercise in free speech. But erect a Trump sign on private property and that becomes a public hazard and must be removed.

    The only PUBLIC HAZARD here comes from the members of the Government who can't read the Constitution... They are indeed dangerous and hazardous to our Republic.

  • If the Trump sign is hazard to traffic then the Hollywood sign should be removed 

    • For sure. The sign that honors perversion should come down.

    • AAHHH....EXACTLY!!

    • It won't because it is made from liberals, for liberals.

    • Burn it down at night!


    • You are absolutely right, Loenzo. But isn't that what the leftists get away with on many different matters. One lately was a school kid who was told he could not wear his MAGA hat ion school grounds yet others wore BLM shirts and hats but were never admonished or required to remove that garbage.

  • Kick Ass great!!!

  • Some hazard... just goes to show how far left the state of California has gone... taking down a sign on private property well away from the Freeway and posing no actual hazard to anyone than the possible those with Deranged Trump Syndrome. (DTS).  They need to put the sign back up in time for TUESDAY AM"s election day commute.

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