Joe Biden struggles to complete sentence about his mental fitness - YouTube

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  • Everyone knows that Biden is demented, senile, and frail. He is a puppet of the radical left. I can't believe we have such a loser in the White House now after we had the most hard working president who was also the most independent and most transparent president in the history of the United States of America. What has become of this great country?

  • He can't remember how. BTW, he's NOT President, Mr. Grenell.

  • Talk about lazy!  I think both the traitor and his slut are just plain lazy. 

  • Perhaps Jill is lazy

  •  I believe that the Left miscreants are running wild because there's no price on their heads for their mischief. If a few heads would roll (figuratively speaking), some seriousness might prevail.

    • Criminal actions within a state may be prosecuted by the state executives and do not nessesarily need to defer to federal authority if interstate factors are in play. 

      So are you asking why your state A.G. is napping?

  • If this indeed is the case and Biden is aflicted by advanced Alzheimer's dementia then question must be asked who is running the country, who is in charge of the LAUNCH CODES (FOOTBALL) WHO calls the shots if country comes under attack or war is declared on us??  Patriots our country is flying blind the COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS have mangaged to put WE THE PEOPLE in a very precarious position.  This cant continue, Republicans need to grow a pair and present all of this to the American public.8857842457?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • This is gettng dangerously close to Nancy Pelosi as President... if Kamala Harris is disqualified for not being a Natural Born US Citizen... being born of two non-US Citizens ... Pelosi is next in line.

    • God help us.


    • Ron ... in which branch of the service were you and were you a JAG?

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