• Both the Clintons are very sick perverts and criminal also. Despicable are they.


    • anything with the Clinton makes me sick to the core.

  • whatever happened to the girl he had an affair with in the oval office?

  • Didn't clinton take like 25 trips to Pedophile Island with epstein, who by the way did not kill himself, and smoked cigars with female children?

    • Gentle readers whilst I was working in Philadelphia for the U.S. Treasury Department during the administration former of President William Jefferson “Bubba” Clinton who was a real piece of work and during one of his visits during the Monica Lewinsky fiasco I was handling a spot with the Philadelphia Police Department’s Stakeout Squad I decided to prank the Philly cops with me on that corner since I knew they were really gullible. What I did was hand them each a really good Havana cigar and let them light up. When they asked me where I got such fine cigars, I just said very innocently that President Clinton has handed them to and ordered me to “make them disaper”. Would you believe that some of their faces went green? I wonder why?

  • Greg 2024 Yahoo! Great group of young people in the American Party!

  • That's what I like about Gutfield. He doesn't hold anything back and tells it like it is.


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