• I've been watching Greg for years, He is great. He knows how to mix humor with killer truth. Love his intellect.

  • I love Greg. He is not afraid to tell the truth about anything. Keep up the good work Greg.

  • GG go get em!

  • Yes, and doesn't Clinton remember saying or was it Lewinsky, saying they had 'oral sex' while he was speaking with someone on the phone! 

    No wonder Bill looks like death warmed over... it is from all the evil and lies....

    • He's not looking good, that's for sure.  I know he's one or was it two heart surgeries??

    • Clinton's never remember the bad thinks about themselves. Horrible people are they.


  • Juan Williams is an ass!

    • I second that Juan. And a very irritating one at that.

    • I could not agree with you MORE. I can't stand to watch Juan speak. He is a true member of the Swamp Creatures a/k/a DemoncRATS. I tape the Five so I can fast forward over Juan.


  • Gentle readers I am a very well trained and very experienced for which you may read old as dirt and twice as ugly and now retired federal law enforcement officer whenever I read the words D.N.A. test my very sick and very twisted mind flashes back to the administration former of President William Jefferson “Bubba” Clinton who was not impeached for receiving oral sodomy in the Oval Office from cute young intern it was for perjury. The funniest part of the whole fiasco was that the Clinton Impeachment Defense Team sent a begging letter to her farther Dr. Bernard Salomon Lewinsky a Salvadoran-born American physician and medical researcher. Oral sodomy in the Oval Office does that like something out of CLUE to you?


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