Texas conservative activists Maria Espinoza and Tim Lyng, who each co-founded The Remembrance Project in 2009 to bring attention to victims of illegal immigrant crime, penned a letter about the state of the GOP. They provided a copy of the letter to Big League Politics.

“An America First Party, led by Trump, would be the political springboard to reignite true American passion for all who value their God-given freedoms, who realize they have been sold-out to the Communist Chinese; and who recognize that now’s the time to hold onto the greatest country in the world and placing all that is “America” first,” they wrote in the letter.

“In the America First Party, there is no room for squishy establishment-types. Without exception, there will be no equal opportunity for traitors to the Constitution. They will be banned from entry, forever,” Espinoza and Lyng added.

The vision outlined by Espinoza and Lyng for a truly America First political party may come to fruition if the GOP establishment keeps attacking President Trump. They mentioned in their letter that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) recently spoke of the inevitability of a third party if GOP senators convict Trump. Espinoza and Lyng believe that the GOP’s destruction is inevitable at this point.

If the GOP establishment does not retreat now and recognize that President Trump is the banner Republican moving forward, the party may die a well-deserved death. If Espinoza and Lyng are correct in their analysis, this could be the best news for the grassroots moving forward.

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  • Let's see if Republicans are smart enough to know which one is their biggest voting block. I hope they know it's the Trump supporters who are with him no matter what. 

    • And you have seen evidence of that where? I just witnessed almost r's stand down as far as our coup election. Where and whom did you see stand up for the 85-90 million MAGA supporters? We must be witnessing two different worlds. The Republican party us dead. They signed their own death warrant. They will be replaced by a new 2nd party


    • When are you going to learn.. in a rigged and fraudulent electoral system one doesn't need to appease the voters... one must appease those counting the votes... who would that be... let me see the democrats.  Wake up Paul... real votes from real people are no longer the road to public office.  I forget which senator or representative in the GOP said ... the voters don't own the GOP management does... they count the votes and nominate the candidates for public office... they don't need a base any longer... elections are rigged... hold your tongue and repeat that 50 times.. elections are rigged...

    • You are right. We may as well call it a day since it's impossible to win rigged elections. 

    • I'm not holding my breath waiting for that to happen. Loyalty in the government is an oxymoron.

    • Especially since they all become millionaires while in congress. There are very few Republicans that are true patriots that support "us the American people", the one true patriot was Donald Trump


    • that's right


  • Exactly correct - all the responses here and on other Tea Party posts. 

    The Idealism is admirable and similar to the Founders' thinking.Yet, this is now all irrelevant banter as voting has become The Great Illusion.

    It's all a lot of great energy spent on dreams, but Patriots will no longer control this country unless they rise up against their taskmasters.  I don't mean figuratively.

    The Greatest Election Fraud Of All Time was swimmingly successful - proven by the mountains of evidence and allowed by those who could have stopped it - before and after the election.  So those Socialists/Communists/Marxists/Leftists/Democrats/Oligarchs/etc. who have the trifecta of power now will simply EXPAND their fraud from the national elections to the states and every local level to achieve absolute irreversible power. This will continue to proliferate as long as there are no consequences, and there is enough money to bribe, enough dirt to blackmail, enough computer control to make anything they want possible, and enough people unwilling to Live Free Or Die.

    The COUNTERS are now the kingmakers NOT the voters anymore.

    America rose from a colony of the British Empire into an independent nation.

    Now almost 250 years later, The CCP is the New Empire...

    ...and we are a colony again.

  • No need to worry. The Deep State, including 75% of 'congress' will be swept up in the current military action underway across the world. Neither Trump or Biden are legally President today. Note 65K military in DC. 2.5K converted to deputy US Marshals with arrest powers. The military under DoD and FEMA are in control today until the approximately 220,000 indictments and arrests are made. Politics are irrelevant today, as we don't know who's left or what the representative body will look like when Trump is sworn in on March 4, 2021 as the 19th President of the Constitutional Republic after Ulyssses S. Grant (1869-1877). Trump will be on Mt Rushmore! I will personally start chisling today to the greatest American President since George Washington.

    • Bull Shit. God help them once the people realize it's BULL SHIT. They just want to fool us into staying calm,buying time until it's all in place to crush us. I doubt we have the patience for it. We'll have to do it ourselves.....................and will. Because NO ONE ELSE WILL!!!!


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