Texas conservative activists Maria Espinoza and Tim Lyng, who each co-founded The Remembrance Project in 2009 to bring attention to victims of illegal immigrant crime, penned a letter about the state of the GOP. They provided a copy of the letter to Big League Politics.

“An America First Party, led by Trump, would be the political springboard to reignite true American passion for all who value their God-given freedoms, who realize they have been sold-out to the Communist Chinese; and who recognize that now’s the time to hold onto the greatest country in the world and placing all that is “America” first,” they wrote in the letter.

“In the America First Party, there is no room for squishy establishment-types. Without exception, there will be no equal opportunity for traitors to the Constitution. They will be banned from entry, forever,” Espinoza and Lyng added.

The vision outlined by Espinoza and Lyng for a truly America First political party may come to fruition if the GOP establishment keeps attacking President Trump. They mentioned in their letter that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) recently spoke of the inevitability of a third party if GOP senators convict Trump. Espinoza and Lyng believe that the GOP’s destruction is inevitable at this point.

If the GOP establishment does not retreat now and recognize that President Trump is the banner Republican moving forward, the party may die a well-deserved death. If Espinoza and Lyng are correct in their analysis, this could be the best news for the grassroots moving forward.

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  • Republicans in Congress should start asking why is it Ok for Antifa and BLM to burn and destroyed private property but when coservertives go marching on protest waving the American flag are labeled as terrorize, they better stand with us.President Trump received 75 million votes that were counted but millions more votes were not counted he is the party so if they want to be re-elected they better stop kissing the socialists ass.

    • Exactly! Loenzo I am tired of the Republican they don't have no balls to stand on their own two feet.



    • Jeff, you are right. Trump was a breath of fresh air who made America great again. He fixed everything just for the demonrats to destroy everything again. 

    • what's that tell you? I will say this now since Donald is out of the office he should have all of his lawyers to stand by because congress wants to impeach him now he has the right to put his lawyer into work for him and put Nancy, chuck, Obama, Joe Biden, Kamala Hariss into the trial before the impeachment go forth. 

    • The only problem with that idea is that Trump's lawyers will be very busy with a ton of lawsuits that have been put on hold, since Trump was shielded by the Office of the President. He can't use the DOJ for legal work anymore, but a corrupt judge already squatted the idea of the DOJ defending Trump in the Carroll defamation lawsuit. I think the far left tries to lock him up quietly. Nobody is screaming "lock him up" but they sure look like they are having a real go at it.

    • Yes! I got you on that but the real issue is this since he doesn't have the backup of the supreme court, and the senate, the house, the only thing he can do now having his lawyer to defend him in the lower court than after that go full attack on the supreme court by than the supreme court has no choice to hear his lawyer out. 

    • The whole damn government delegitimized itself over "Biden Xi Puppet's" stolen election. Supremes too! You missing that? It's Like asking the politburo in the U.S.S.R.!! Good luck with that!

  • I'm noticing big time, that our counterfeit president Biden and his gang are out to purge all disent. By purge, I mean destroy. Reminds me of Nazi book burning. I don't remember President Reagan doing that ... I don't remember any Republican winner doing that.

    I'm guessing that the purge gang will be coming after TPO soon.

  • I'm an independent based on the commitment to power rather than the people,  and that applies to both major parties.   I could, however, get behind an America First Party...

This reply was deleted.