Texas conservative activists Maria Espinoza and Tim Lyng, who each co-founded The Remembrance Project in 2009 to bring attention to victims of illegal immigrant crime, penned a letter about the state of the GOP. They provided a copy of the letter to Big League Politics.

“An America First Party, led by Trump, would be the political springboard to reignite true American passion for all who value their God-given freedoms, who realize they have been sold-out to the Communist Chinese; and who recognize that now’s the time to hold onto the greatest country in the world and placing all that is “America” first,” they wrote in the letter.

“In the America First Party, there is no room for squishy establishment-types. Without exception, there will be no equal opportunity for traitors to the Constitution. They will be banned from entry, forever,” Espinoza and Lyng added.

The vision outlined by Espinoza and Lyng for a truly America First political party may come to fruition if the GOP establishment keeps attacking President Trump. They mentioned in their letter that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) recently spoke of the inevitability of a third party if GOP senators convict Trump. Espinoza and Lyng believe that the GOP’s destruction is inevitable at this point.

If the GOP establishment does not retreat now and recognize that President Trump is the banner Republican moving forward, the party may die a well-deserved death. If Espinoza and Lyng are correct in their analysis, this could be the best news for the grassroots moving forward.

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  • Has everyone forgotten that the federal government has just been overthrown with a fraudulent and unconstitutional election? Nobody wants to face the fact that communists just overthrew the government. Wake up. The federal government is nothing more than a proxy government of China.

    What is Texas going to do about it? Reading between the lines I see “it’s done, move forward.” Texas… all hat and no cattle. Show me I’m wrong.

    The state legislature must pass a resolution stating their belief that the election was fraudulent and unconstitutional. Where Texas goes, other states will follow.

    It is the states that accept the obviously fraudulent and unconstitutional election that have seceded from the Union of constitutional states. They are the rebellion. The states that do not accept the fraudulent and unconstitutional election are the United States, as defined by the Constitution, which is the only definition of the United States.

    Is Texas going to lead the restoration of the United States? Or is Texas just another “all hat and no cattle” bunch of coward blowhards? The election was very obviously fraudulent and unconstitutional. What are you going to do about it?

  • They'll see the light when We the People escort them into the darkness that is their future.

    • they have the chance to do it they did not do it.

  • Warning my ass. Thye're DEAD to me. Do these people who'm I've lost ALL respect for realize that letting the Democrats STEAL this elction without nearly a peep delegitimizes the whole damn government now!! Thye're rotten to the core,from dog catcher to president. Thd few good ones are intimidated into silence by the TRAITORS. i can't wait until you've reached absolute total rejection of the people as a whole. you shoukd be getting scared but your arrogance can't see through your own stupidity. TYRANNY AIN'T TO COOL WITH US, A government full of traitors comes to an end it will deserve!!

    • The situation we face remains the product of our society... it was borne out of complacency and misplaced trust... Men have long been the agents of corruption, governments the tools of despots, and history full of lessons learned by those who refused to hear them ... until they were entrapped by them.  Arrogance or forthrightness... mean spirited discourse or strong dialectic debate to get others thinking... is all part of the beholder's viewpoint.

      I am a patriot of long-standing and like you, I hate what has happened but we must know how we arrived where we are today if we want to return to our forefather's precepts for government... Too, the safe waters and sound harbors of our nation's moral underpinnings as a God-fearing people and nation. 

      Violence and armed actions will only feed the monster in DC... that is exactly where they want us to go... they are GOADING us to take up arms, so they can remove our arms and assign us all to the Gulags and death camps of Marxist tyranny.  We must be wise as serpents but as gentle as a dove if we are to turn this nation around; too, take up the course of our father's helm and our Creator... God in Heaven.  Our rescue will not be found in the flesh of man, it will be had at the Hand of God and His Holy Spirit.  May wisdom speak and our Nation be healed. Let the humble cry out to their God and He will deliver us, as no man can...  Amen.

  • Well its about we the peple, we can't focus on that, but my agenda above can protect him but we have to (1) take out corrpt politicans and (2) attack with every fiber of our existance the media. That will take the wind out of ther lawsuits if they have no support, we take it away, but we have to meet and do, not blog.

    • my question to you is how are we going to do that?

    • ANSWER - They'll push us into full revolt all by there  tyrannical selves. .THEY'RE the enemy! Not us!!! It's an insult to our mentality to defend such a blatently stolen election.

  • well this media blitz and the project vertgas of PBS top lawyer (government funded) their ongoing plan to shut us up and put our kids in fema camps, what has really happened is tr=ue and real mental health issues are going untreated and any mentally deficient, PBS top lawyer, is being a usful idiot. But this talk is not just talk. They have in place right now and can be proven in a fair court (which seems to have completely disappeared) that the federal government is funding child trafficking and won't stop and one good reason, Biden likes fondeling little girls (not boys) as does Shumer. THe FBI is actually aiding this in full in South Carolina. why, as we have seen of the vote evidence thje sto0len day in congress with the politicians planning an attck on themselves, then didn't finish their job sais they were too upset about the attack and decided they would not offer up the in hand winning of the election by Trump, thats a huge massive crime and these politicians has efectively been shown to be an enemy of the people.

    • Which line... the line to the gulag or the one to the Showers?  This street fighter is delusional... where is our leadership, busy negotiating a better deal for them while we serfs die under the sword of our enemies... reminds me of a scene from "Brave Heart" at the Battle of Falkirk as the landed Lords of Scottland rode off leaving their constituents/serfs without the means to achieve victory.... massive betrayal is here again.

      Where are our leaders... what is the plan now that elections are simply window dressing for the Communist to laud how the people turn out and vote overwhelmingly to stay in chains at their beckoned call?  Our Leaders appear to be cutting deals for sharing power and the wealth of the Nation... they are not even attempting to overturn the fraudulent election that just took place... they have embraced it.  So much for the GOP... it's dead, a walking corpse, a distraction to give false hope to the fearful and blind... as they are fed to the gulags of the Marxist.

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