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  • Trey Goudy wakes up, wags his tail and goes back to sleep. Nothing ever happens. He is not a doer. A good show all for nought. 

    • sleepy_dog.gif

    • That's HIM!!


  • The problem we have is Republicans continue to just talk and never take any action. We have so much evidence and all they do is just wave it around. All Democrats have to do is just make a false allegation and that person is indicted the next day. We are losing control of our country. Many cities have already surrended their freedoms. Valerie Jarrett and Obama must be indicted or all this is for nothing. 

    • Agreed!  They all want to be the nice guys!  Time to grow some balls and go after the left as viciously as you can!


  • When Trey Gowdey talks, people listen! I miss him doing his job in Congress. There are a lot of people who give a big sigh of relief when he decided that Congress is a joke. The games that they play!

  • Despicable Political action at best.

  • Family is always a concern.



    I don't trust Gowdy any further than I can spit past a hurricane.   At first I thought WOW!  This guy really nails it when it comes to questioning people, BUT.....there's NEVER been any action with it, so--what's the point?




    Gowdy: Effort to unmask Trump family members underway as they celebrated dad on Inauguration Day
    According to Trey Gowdy, Obama administration officials requested unmaskings of President Donald Trump's family members on inauguration day.
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