Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Friday extended her stay-at-home order through June 12.

“We must move with care, patience, and vigilance, recognizing the grave harm that this virus continues to inflict on our state and how quickly our progress in suppressing it can be undone,” Whitmer’s order said.

Whitmer acted a day after a court ruled the governor has the power to continue a state of emergency, according to Fox News.

Republican legislators had filed suit against Whitmer’s order, which has drawn protests, including one in which residents exercising their Second Amendment rights protested at the Michigan legislature.

Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox criticized Whitmer’s action.

“Not only is Gretchen Whitmer going around the state Legislature with her stay-at-home orders, but now she is sneaking around the people of Michigan by announcing an extension to her stay at home order after regular business hours on a holiday weekend,” Cox wrote on Twitter. “The only thing she is trying to keep safe is her political career.”







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