• There was a video report released today, concerning a young 34 year-old woman (who's name escapes me at the moment), who was kicked to death and beaten with a baton, by one of the "sick" capitol police officers; she was trapped in one of the tunnels and dragged further in by the derelict cop who killed her. The Trump supporters, near her, attempted to save her and administer CPR; the cops then dragged the Trump supporters away from her, but did not attempt any effort at CPR themselves; her's is a clear case of murder by a demented cop. More on that video should be out tomorrow.  Before this is all over, the cop who killed her and Lt. Michael Leroy Byrd should be facing either murder, or wrongful death charges.

  • Governments don't hide factual evidence and offical reports unless they committed a crime and are trying to cover up

    • Which we know is going on.


  • CONVENTION OF THE STATES , Long over due .The founding fathers provided "We The People"with a way to clean house , rid ourselves of the RATS that infest the halls of congress . Article V  of the Constitution provides us with control over those RATS .   First order of business would be TERM LIMITES on all of them . 


  • THIS is cause for a March On DC! And the locked up crew...It is BS!

  • Where are the REPUBLICANS

    • You mean RINOs. They're only the party of the lesser of two evils.


    • RINOs are no more the lesser of two evils than a biat and switch fraud has a better half.  

  • Just more cover-up... and deceit from the government. The only way to handle this sort of massive abuse is to RECALL ALL OF THE GOVERNMENT with a RECALL AMENDMENT... fire them all. No more putting up with the despots in DC and our State Capitols... yes the States are as bad as the Federal Government in most cases... with very few exceptions.

    • Agreed.


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