• Absolutely!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • De Santis is spot on as usual.  However, does anyone believe we have a free society now?  All of our media is controlled, both press and electronic.  All electronic communication is monitored by the federal government's intelligence services, secret police.  The internet is totally censored without any transparency, or accountability.

  • I do so like and respect this man

  • Freedom of speech has always been one of the principles on which the USA was founded.  Gov. DeSantis is absolutely correct. 

    • That and the right of self defense ... the 2nd A.

  • I believe the United States is actually under the occupation of an anti-American cabal. Further, I believe that cabal is communist. We currently do not have two political parties. We have ONE and the ONE ignores the Constitution as well as the Rule of Law, and THE PEOPLE!

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