• DeSantis might be a contender, but probably, only IF DJT is not.

  • way to go governor of Florida.

  • Thank God there are still a few good ones left. We cannot fore sake them. 

  • if he runs for president I will vote for him in a heartbeat.

  • with that said he is truly American.

  • DeSantis is a real patriot and therefore a staunch supporter of Trump and what he stands for.

  • Yes, I think he is and there are others,.  I like D.J. Trump Jr too. Their are even more that seem to spine.  It ought to be interesting.

  • If Trump doesn't run for President then I will vote for who he indorse 

  • I think DeSantis is contemplating a run for the White House- or a possible VP with Trump... But neither one of those two has said that they were going to run at all. We need Donald J. Trump Back..! We Know What Trump Will Deliver..!

    • I think he's someone I could support.  He looks quite presidential here. I like his "spine."

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