• Like all of the rest of the idiots they blame others for their stupid leadership 

  • What a whiny liar!!!


  • POS

  • He is laughable.


  • Now Governor Cuomo presents us with an extraordinary set of circumstances. His policies resulted in the death of several thousand senior citizens. The sole purpose of these needless deaths was to inflate the corona death numbers to pandemic proportions. This mass murder somehow granted the democrats dictatorial powers across America. The (media/propaganda machine) was ready to proclaim him the savior of the world and worthy of Sainthood.

    When half the women in NY began to accuse him of inappropriate sexual behavior, the media backed off and decided that Saint Andrew would have to wait until some of the smoke cleared. We did however witness the end of the #MeToo movement. Not even Diane Feinstein or my personal favorite Mazie Hirono mentioned one word about the cause they so vigorously promoted just a short time ago. Although in Mazie’s defense, she’s presently engaged in a fierce three-way battle with Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee for the title of ‘Stupidest Ass’ in congress.


  • Loser!  Deflect and blame Trump...meanwhile NY is burning.  Hey libs from NY, come down to Florida but don't bring your shit attitude and failed policies!  Here in Florida we enjoy an open economy and don't have sr citizens dying in nursing homes 9

    • No libs, stay where you are if you keep voting for the morons that are destroying your State. We don't need any more leftists in Florida.

    • Colleen, New York is losing residents by having these libtards in charge. Our  taxes are making living beyond anyone’s means. And a new 55 cent PER GALLON tax on natural gas products will bring unthinkable results. New York used to be a great place to live.And I imagine folks in Texas are likewise watching their beautiful state get ruined, same with California. Not all of the residents of any of these places have brought this on themselves. I wouldn’t worry about the ones who leave to find sanity in Florida. As for Cuomo... May he rot in hell.

    • I just hope Florida keeps what you said, and not have the liberals take that state too.

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