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Republicans on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted on Wednesday to greenlight subpoenas and depositions as part of an investigation into the FBI’s Russia probe and the Obama administration. 

The 8-6 party line vote authorizes Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), the chairman of the committee, to issue a combination of subpoenas and set up closed-door depositions with approximately 40 individuals. 

The votes come less than two months before the November election, injecting fresh acrimony into the Wednesday committee meeting where Johnson accused Democrats of a “coordinated spear” against his probes. Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.), the top Democrat on the panel, accused Republicans of a “partisan fishing expedition.” 

“I’m disappointed that our committee is once again meeting to discuss the authorization of subpoenas instead … of the serious challenges facing Americans,” Peters said. “Your own public comments … state that your desire to reinvestigate these matters demonstrates the alarming partisan nature of this investigation which is designed to influence the presidential election.” 

The votes give Johnson the power to set up depositions with dozens of officials he previously got authorization to subpoena in June.

But those subpoenas ran into a snag in August, when Peters accused Johnson of violating the committee’s rules by trying to set up the interview without support from Peters or a majority of the committee to formally issue the deposition notice.  

Johnson blasted Peters on Wednesday accusing him of forcing the votes to authorize the depositions “based on an absurd interpretation of committee rules.” 

But Wednesday’s vote also authorizes subpoenas of new individuals including former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr. 

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    • The chances of Congress imposing term limits, or any other impediment to their power, are slim and none. And Slim is already on his way out of town. The only solution big enough for this problem is an Article V Convention of States, which would bypass Congress and allow the people to take back control of the federal government.

    • Van, I agree with this also

    • I am glad to hear it. We need to support Trump and the Republican Party no matter what. They are the only good guys in town, even if some on this site expect perfection from them. In my book Trump is pretty close to perfection and I am very happy to see that he also brought the Party to heel. The GOP stands firmly behind their undisputed and successful leader. That's the way it should be; that will lead to a huge landslide victory in November and retaing the House.

    • that's right


    • I left the republican party after they shafted Ron Paul.  Hitlery learned how to cheat sanders by watching the gop cheat Paul.  I am an independent and won't ever go back to the gop.  they are just as treasonous as the democrats but not as open about it.

    • are you going to vote for Donald J Trump in November?

    • yes I am.  Trump is honest, loves America, and stands for liberty against the deep state, including gop swamp rats like mcconnell, collins, murkowski, etd.

    • that's good to see everyone is on the same page "GO TRUMP GO"

    • We need to get rid of both political parties.  Trump is only a republican by necessity, he is a Constitutionalist.  Both parties are corrupt, owned by the soros billionaire cabal led by satan.  The presidential elections violate the Constitution, party tickets are not in there.  It says the one with the most votes is president and 2nd is vice president.  Anyone can run provided they are qualified by the Constitution not by party edict.

    • I agree with you. They are both full of traitors. No honor among them except Jordan and maybe a few.

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